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A Guide to Laboratory Grown Diamond Engagement Rings

You’ve likely heard of the term laboratory grown (lab grown) or man-made diamonds. The reason for this is that lab grown diamond engagement rings are the new here and now, and we suspect they will quickly conquer the engagement ring world. 

Experts have been able to grow diamonds in a controlled laboratory setting, in a way that these lab grown diamonds share the exact chemical composition as an earth-mined one. As many diamonds have been historically linked to unethical practices, such as conflict and environmental damage, many couples have deterred away from the stone and found other alternatives to inspire their wedding jewellery. However, lab grown diamonds give individuals the freedom to wear diamonds without the guilt, and also at a fraction of the price of an earth mined option. 

Celebrities such as Zendaya, Karlie Kloss and Meghan Markle, to name a few, have all been spotted sporting lab grown diamonds as either their engagement ring stone, or as part of their staple jewellery collection. But for those who are new to the world of lab grown diamond engagement rings, fret not, we have written this guide for any novices who want to explore this exciting new gem, so keep on reading to learn more! 

What is a laboratory grown diamond?

Lab grown diamonds are identical to earth mined diamonds in every way. Not to be confused with cubic zirconia, moissanite, or a 'look-a-like' diamond, which have different chemical compositions, lab grown diamonds are 100% pure crystallised carbon. 

The natural process is imitated using a high pressure, high temperature or chemical vapour deposition process. Essentially, a diamond seed is hit with pressure to help it blossom into a large rough diamond as carbon atoms grow around it. Therefore, the only thing that sets a lab grown diamond apart from a natural diamond is its origin. 

How are laboratory grown diamonds formed?

A lab grown diamond is grown in a laboratory setting using cutting-edge technology that replicates the natural diamond growing process. The result is a man-made diamond that is chemically, physically, and optically the same as those grown beneath the earth's surface. Lab grown diamonds are also graded and certified using the same process as mined diamonds using the 4Cs (cut, clarity, colour, and carat). 

Are laboratory grown diamonds valuable?

Laboratory grown diamonds are desirable and sought after for their competitive price range and also because they are identical to natural diamonds. The charm with natural diamonds lies in their rarity and that to be formed, the conditions and circumstances would need to be perfect. A laboratory diamond has come by controlled settings, thus the price disparity between the two. 

However, this does not take away from the overall allure of laboratory diamonds. Their symbolism and beauty are never compromised through this controlled setting, and they are indistinguishable from earth mined diamonds. Choosing a lab grown diamond engagement ring will still be as sentimental and symbolic as an earth mined diamond engagement ring, and you or your partner will be charmed just the same.

Similarities and differences between natural and laboratory grown diamonds

Here is a breakdown of some of the important similarities and differences between lab grown and earth mined diamonds:



Laboratory Grown Diamond

Earth Mined Diamond


100% carbon, formed through high pressure are high temperature in a controlled lab setting 

100% carbon, formed through high pressure are high temperature below earth’s surface  


Can be approximately 40% cheaper than earth mined diamonds. Greater affordability and so you can get more for your money.

Pricier than lab grown but hold their value better.


Assessed using 4Cs

Assessed using 4Cs

Hardness  (Mohs)




Ethical and sustainable. Can track the origin of the diamond. Formation process still requires natural resources 

Can have environmental or societal impacts


As you can see, many of the qualities that make natural diamonds so desirable are also available in every lab grown diamond too. With a variety of carats, colours, cuts and clarities to choose from, it’s possible to find the ideal diamond for an engagement ring in either form.

How to choose a laboratory grown diamond engagement ring

Just as you would choose a natural diamond engagement ring, when choosing the right laboratory grown diamond engagement ring you should come prepared. Be sure to set a budget of what you intend to spend on your diamond ring. As with all diamond jewellery, a higher budget may be able to get you a better quality and carat of diamond. However, you can talk to our experts about ways to get the most out of your budget. Certain things such as cut and setting can help amplify the size of your diamond without having to pay for a larger size. The same goes for metal. Platinum and white gold will help bring maximum shine to your diamond and make it appear brighter. 

One of the biggest benefits of choosing a lab grown diamond is the price. Often priced up to 40% less than natural diamonds, the lab grown alternative can allow you to choose a larger carat and better clarity, for example, without going over budget. 

There is also the option of buying a lab grown diamond engagement ring via an interest-free finance plan. This allows you to choose the ring of your or your partner’s dreams and spread the cost over an extended period with manageable monthly payments, at 0% interest. 

Once a budget has been agreed, it’s time to start looking at the various styles and designs available to find the perfect ring. Fortunately, lab grown diamond engagement ring collections are just as diverse as traditional ones. For example, this oval lab grown diamond engagement ring with a hidden halo is a true stand-out piece. This elegant ring features a hidden halo of diamonds surrounding a sparkling centre oval cut lab grown diamond, creating a scattering of light. The diamond is showcased on an 18k white gold band, accentuating the bright, shiny nature of the overall ring design.

Alternatively, this round cut diamond engagement ring perfectly captures the brilliance of lab grown diamonds. This stunning ring has been crafted from 18k white gold and displays a round brilliant cut lab grown diamond held in a classic 6-claw setting. The diamond is accentuated by bright sparkling shoulders set with a further 0.17ct of lab grown diamonds for even more shine.

It’s also possible to customise a lab grown diamond ring, choosing everything from the setting, cut, metal and diamond details to create your ideal design. 

Quite simply, lab grown diamonds are very cost effective and give you much more for your budget. However, with so much choice, our team is on hand to help you choose the perfect ring. You can get in touch to book an in-person or virtual appointment today, or browse our full collection of lab grown diamond engagement rings online.