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Everything you need to know about diamond certification

When buying a beautiful diamond, it’s important to know that what you have is genuine, but it’s also helpful to understand the unique characteristics of the diamond. That’s why diamond certification is so important when it comes to purchasing your dazzling piece. At Browns, we provide certification for every diamond engagement ring we sell, so you can feel confident in the credibility of the diamond you choose. But what is a diamond certification? Here’s our guide on what it is and why you should have one. 


What is a diamond certification?

Diamond certification is a report of the authenticity and specification of a diamond, issued by an accredited independent gemological laboratory. This certificate includes the diamond's carat, weight, and measurements, as well as grades of the diamond’s cut, colour and clarity.




Who is the certification provided by?

During the certification process, the diamonds are examined by a gemologist or a diamond laboratory for accurate certification. Institutions that we use include the International Gemological Institute (IGI), International Gemological Reports (IGR) and European Gemological Laboratory (EGL). 

IGI and GIA are our main certifications that come with ‘build your own engagement rings’, as well as some of our pre-made engagement rings. Whereas IGR is the certification given with our preloved and second-hand pieces. 

How is the certification achieved?

Diamonds are usually either graded by a professional gemologist or they are sent to a third-party laboratory for an extensive evaluation. Every certificate issued is unique and individually numbered to match your dazzling diamond. This is the documentation that will stay with the diamond throughout its life in order to prove that it is genuine, so should always be kept together. 

Diamond certificate vs valuation certificate

There is a difference between a diamond certificate and a valuation certificate. A valuation identifies the value of an item which helps when it comes to the insurance of the piece. Whereas a diamond certificate identifies only its quality and characteristics, leaving the diamond’s market value for the valuation certificate. Diamond certification produced by a distinguished laboratory is invaluable for developing a meticulous and correct appraisal. At Browns, all our diamonds come with both a diamond certificate, as well as a valuation certificate for insurance purposes. 

Always request certification

It’s always important to have an authentic diamond certificate as it provides an expert understanding of the diamond quality and characteristics. With a diamond certificate, anyone buying a diamond can have confidence that the diamond is genuine and described as by the seller. 

Certification helps to identify the quality and size of the diamond, which provides security in the case of loss, making sure a fair replacement is made. It’s advisable to keep your certificate in a safe place, as it can also come in handy when the diamond is temporarily not in your possession, with a cleaning service for example. Always make third parties aware you have a certificate, as the knowledge that you can identify your exact diamond will prevent the chances of third-party fraud, such as swapping the diamond for one less valuable.

At Browns, we’re proud to offer a beautiful selection of diamonds fit for every occasion, all with accurate certification. Don’t forget, we’re here to help, so don’t hesitate to get in touch or pop into your nearest store.