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3 Stone Vs Solitaire Engagement Rings

Think of an engagement ring and an image of a stunning, sparkling diamond set on a silver coloured metal band is probably the first to spring to mind. This diamond is a decent size, held in place by four prongs and catches the light beautifully. 

However, there are so many more options available when it comes to that engagement ring, than a classic solitaire . In fact, at Browns we stock everything from gorgeous halo engagement rings to striking cluster styles and everything inbetween.

Today, we’re going to break down 3 stone engagement rings and compare them to the classic solitaire to help you decide which style would be best for you. Let’s take a look.

Solitaire Engagement Rings

Traditional, easy to wear and good looking - a solitaire engagement ring ticks all the boxes for an engagement ring. In fact, one might argue that diamonds are such stunning stones they really speak for themselves - why worry about adding any more into the mix?

However, a solitaire style ring doesn’t always just have to be a single diamond on its own.
A pave style band either side of a solitaire diamond is a popular look for many brides-to-be and the smaller stones complement the larger feature one beautifully.

Solitaire engagement rings are best for:

Those who want a simplistic but stunning style

If they want the diamond to do all the talking, this ring style is the best choice.

If you want to have fun with the diamond shape

A solitaire engagement ring allows you more room to play with diamond shapes. You don’t have to opt for the usual round brilliant - instead you could opt for a gorgeous pear shaped diamond that elongates the finger or a vintage style, art deco inspired Asscher shape that takes inspiration from 1920s jewellery and fashion.

If the wearer isn’t particularly active

Solitaire engagement rings usually feature a diamond or stone that sits higher than the band, in a prong setting. This is very easy to catch and could damage clothing or the diamond itself. This is why solitaire engagement rings are best for those who do the minimum with their hands, and don’t expose them to hazards.

3 Stone Engagement Rings

These 3 stone engagement rings are said to have a strong sentimental meaning, as each precious stone represents the couple’s past, present and future together and the memories of how they met. It can also be referred to as a trilogy diamond ring.

When one diamond or precious stone won’t do, opt for three. This engagement ring style is not as common as the solitaire - making it a great choice for those who want a truly unique piece of jewellery. A white gold band featuring three glittering diamonds side by side is a striking look or you could get adventurous with coloured stones - three emeralds held in place on a yellow gold band make for an engagement ring that will look incredible in those wedding photos.

3 stone engagement rings are best for:

Those who want a truly sentimental ring

The meaning behind a 3 stone engagement ring is enough for many to choose it for their engagement ring. Explain the meaning to your partner when you propose and it should only make them love the ring even more.

People who like to make a statement

3 stone engagement rings are definitely a statement choice and although they should complement all styles and tastes they are a ring design that people will be intrigued by. 

3 Stone vs Solitaire Engagement Rings

Solitaire Engagement Ring Strength

3 Stone Engagement Ring Strength

Diamonds in solitaire engagement rings are typically set in prongs, which can be caught easily and loosen over time. A bezel setting may be a better choice to ensure the diamond stays securely in place.

The diamonds in a 3 stone engagement ring are typically held in place firmly, as they are featured closer to the metal of the band.

Solitaire Engagement Ring Stones

3 Stone Engagement Ring Stones

They aren’t limited when it comes to stone shapes, you can get really creative with your choice. Solitaire engagement rings look great with one central diamond - usually a round or princess shape.

3 stone engagement rings can feel a little limited when it comes to stone shape. While you can feature pear shaped stones, for example, they don’t sit as well together as perhaps round diamonds or asscher shapes.

Solitaire Engagement Ring Price

3 Stone Engagement Ring Price

Of course, it all depends on the carat weight of the diamond and its grading but a solitaire diamond engagement ring should cost less than a 3 stone engagement ring, simply because there are less diamonds.

3 stone engagement rings may be more expensive than solitaires, simply because there is more than one stone. Therefore, they are perhaps better for those with more to spend.

Whatever you decide, always look for an engagement ring that suits your partner’s personal style as well as their activity levels and what they do for a job. Check out our range of stunning engagement rings.