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Advice & Guides

Unless you’re an expert on diamond cuts and precious metals, purchasing jewellery can feel like an intimidating thing to do. That’s why we’ve put together a number of comprehensive guides to ensure you have all the information you need to make the right decision, right at your fingertips. From diamond care guides to choosing the right engagement ring, our advice and guides section contains helpful information to ensure you’re buying exactly the right piece of jewellery for your requirements, taste and budget. So, browse the educational guides we’ve written and, if you have any other questions for us, please feel free to get in touch. Our professionals are on hand to give you friendly, expert advice - whenever you need it.

Buying A Diamond: Carat, Colour & Clarity Guide

Browns Family Jewellers' diamond buying guide should take the stress out of choosing the perfect diamond jewellery. Click here to find out more.

The Diamond Glossary

When it comes to diamonds, it can feel like there is a lot to learn. But once you have a grasp of the key terms, choosing the right stone will feel a little easier.

Cushion Cut Engagement Rings Vs Princess Cut

Cushion cut engagement rings vs princess cut? Which one should you choose? Read Browns Family Jewellers’ guide to find out.

3 Stone Vs Solitaire Engagement Rings

Think of an engagement ring and an image of a stunning, sparkling diamond set on a silver coloured metal band is probably the first to spring to mind.

Yellow Gold Vs White Gold Engagement Rings

Yellow gold vs white gold engagement rings - which is the best choice? Well, this guide from Browns attempts to narrow it down.


A Guide To Diamond Jewellery Care

Want to know the best ways to clean your jewellery from home? Read this helpful guide on diamond jewellery care from Browns Family Jewellers.

Engagement Ring Guide - How To Choose The Perfect Ring

Browns Family Jewellers' engagement ring guide will take the stress out of choosing the perfect engagement ring. Click here to find out what you need to consider.

Tungsten Vs Platinum Rings

Unsure about a Tungsten ring or Platinum ring? Read Browns Family Jewellers guide to find out which is the best.