The new year is upon us, and by now you may be planning your resolutions to make it your best year yet! Gemstone jewellery is wonderful for helping you achieve your goals, as each one has its own beautiful meaning and positive symbolism. So whether you want to start a new habit, or kick an old one, a gemstone jewellery piece will make the perfect accessory to guide you through. To help you prepare for the new year with maximum positivity, we’ve put together our top picks from the Rainbow Collection, that are guaranteed to inspire you to achieve your aspirations for the new year. 


Watermelon Tourmaline for harmony

Watermelon tourmaline is a beautifully unique stone, boasting a combination of pink and green, in a design resembling the watermelon. This stone is said to soothe the heart and counter anger or resentment, so you can enter the new year in peaceful harmony. It also acts as a balancing crystal that will remove insecurities and amplify your strengths. Most importantly it’ll inspire both practically and creativity, and will help you achieve your goals by thinking outside the box and being resourceful to make your dreams happen. 

For the ultimate dose of this stone’s positive vibes, our 18ct white gold watermelon tourmaline ring is the perfect jewellery choice. This showstopper is truly unique and looks stunning coupled with another piece from the collection. 

Watermelon Tourmaline Ring – £795


Pink sapphire for love 

Pink sapphire is a charmingly feminine gemstone, that not only looks pretty but has a beautiful meaning. This stone symbolises trust, loyalty and sincerity, as well as carrying good fortune and intense love. Pink sapphire will assist you through the transitions of life that the past year may have held, or that the new year might bring, stimulating the emotions of love, forgiveness, acceptance and letting go. 

Keep this loving stone and it’s positive properties by your side at all times with our pink sapphire necklace. This necklace holds an attractive rose cut pink sapphire within a halo of dazzling diamonds, the perfect choice to guide you through the year ahead.

Sapphire & Diamond Halo Necklace – £1,495


Tanzanite for career goals 

Tanzanite is a magical stone that boasts an exotic combination of blue, green and a rich overtone of purple. This gem radiates calming and soothing properties, making it ideal for working environments, and offers direction in a career change; the perfect choice if you have some exciting career goals in mind for 2020. 

The Rainbow Collection features a stunning green tanzanite and diamond ring crafted from 18ct white and yellow gold. The stone in the light flashes between green and violet and is complimented further by a bright sparkling halo of round brilliant diamonds.

Green Tanzanite & Diamond Ring – £2,495


Orange sapphire for success

Orange sapphire has properties to inspire good ideas and flexible thinking. This beautiful orange gemstone is recommended for those who want to increase the path or possibility of success. This is the perfect gemstone for you if you hope to feel inspired with new and successful ideas in the new year.  

This beautiful pair of earrings from the collection is the perfect addition to your jewellery collection that will help you sew the seeds of success in the exciting year to come.

Orange Sapphire & Diamond Halo Earrings – £1,195


Ametrine for health

Ametrine is a unique stone with its subtle mix of amethyst and citrine, both male and female energies. This appealing stone has a strong healing energy that releases negativity from the aura and helps to release addictions, making this stone ideal if you’re wanting to kick a bad habit. It’s also said to help with health and weight goals, so if your New Year’s resolution, like many, is to do with health, ametrine can help guide you. 

Our collection features a selection of stunning ametrine rings, such as this ametrine and diamond halo ring. Crafted from 18ct white and yellow gold, this ring offers a statement with its large emerald ametrine, surrounded by a sparkling halo of round brilliant diamonds. 

Ametrine & Diamond Halo Ring – £1,995


A rainbow of positivity

For the ultimate positivity, a multitude of dazzling coloured gemstones is the way to go. Sapphire comes in many different stunning colours, from beautiful blues and greens to bright pinks, yellows and oranges. Sapphire as a whole will promote loyalty, serenity and wisdom, and is particularly good at aiding certain health conditions like blood disorders, and calming of an overactive body.  

One of the most standout rings in the Rainbow Collection is without a doubt our sapphire stacking ring, boasting all the colours of the ‘rainbow’ in square-cut gems, flanked either side by a row of bright sparkling diamonds. 

Sapphire & Diamond Stacking Ring – £625


There are many positive meanings behind gemstones that will guide you through the new year, no matter what you’re wishing for. Don’t forget, we’re here to help you find the right gemstone jewellery piece to help you start your new year. So don’t hesitate to get in touch or pop into your nearest store. 

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