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10 simple ways to care for your jewellery

You know the feeling, you’ve just bought that perfect piece of jewellery and now you want to wear it all the time!  There is no outfit it can’t compliment! No special occasion too glitzy, and no day at work that it’s too much for.  I love to show off my precious jewellery finds!  However, at the same time you don’t want it to start looking worn and for it to lose any of its fabulous sparkle; you just want it to look brand new forever (this is certainly the way I feel anyway!). There are plenty of tips and tricks to really maintain the brilliance and vivacity that you never want your jewellery to be without. Here are 10 simple ways to care for your jewellery
  1. At number 1, my top tip for maintaining your jewellery has to be to clean it often, like anything else, maintenance is key.  Since being in the trade I have learnt that using fairy washing up liquid and a good old toothbrush on any metal, diamond or gemstone really brings that sparkle back. Make sure that the toothbrush you are using has soft bristles, you don’t want to scratch and scuff that precious metal. This method will help get rid of any build-up of dirt or grit in between the setting and is the best way to clean any soft gemstone or diamond, this will add a new lease of life to your jewellery.
  1. After soaking your jewellery in trusty soapy water it is important that your jewellery is dried properly.  Use a soft cloth; although paper towels and tissues will not affect your diamond, a soft cloth is a lot more delicate on any embellishment.  Alternatively, a hairdryer is a great way to dry your jewellery.  Keep it on a low setting to avoid any heat damage.
  1. Keep your jewellery away from all chemicals as they can discolour the metal.  Everyday substances can be harmful to your jewellery so take your precious pieces off before using any hairspray, lotions or perfumes, and while fairy liquid doesn’t cause harm that’s definitely not the case for all cleaning fluids, sprays and aerosols. Take extra care to keep your pearls away from substances, as they will become permanently damaged if you keep spraying that beautiful pearl stand with perfume.  Swimming with your jewellery on is a no no, this will make a huge difference to it’s overall appearance.  Following this simple tip will help your jewellery stand the test of time.
Jewellery Maintance    
  1. If your diamond engagement ring needs a bit of extra TLC, and its not uncommon for dirt to build up because people often have no idea how easy care really can be! If this is the case then you can take your ring into your local jewellers and get it put in the ultrasound; bear in mind the ultrasound is only for diamonds (very secure diamonds at that!).  Anything that has small pave set diamonds should not be put in the ultrasound as they will get dislodged from the setting.  The vibrations generated from the ultrasound can cause the stone to shake within the machine meaning they come loose.  Soft gemstones shouldn’t go anywhere near the ultrasonic, particularly emerald, tanzanite’s, opal, moonstones or turquoise as the surface will break and crack.
  1. Safely store your jewellery away.  Throwing it on top of the dresser (I know we are all guilty of this!) could result in scratches and other damage.  Most jewellery is sold in boxes with soft cushioning and they're great to protect the piece.  If you no longer have the box then there’s no need to worry, there are some great jewellery boxes out there.  Pearl and opals draw moisture from the air so they need to be kept in cool dry areas.
Store your jewellery away    
  1. Checking your jewellery claws is so important, especially if you have anything with large stones.  Day to day life leads to the claws lifting slightly, which can result in stones coming loose, or at worst being lost. If you check your clawed jewellery by sweeping your finger across them, you will be able to tell if your claws have lifted slightly as they will no longer have a smooth feeling.  The claw should sit securely around your jewellery stones; they shouldn’t be too tight either, especially with softer stones such as emeralds.
  1. If you have opted for that perfect white gold piece, bear in mind that white gold is made from yellow gold with added alloys of palladium to give it a whiter look.  However, if the ring was left in this state the metal would still have that tinge of yellow, so this is where the rhodium plating comes in to give that dazzling silver mirror like look that we love. In time the rhodium plating will wear down and the yellow tinge will show through. Don’t be alarmed this can be easily rectified by having your white gold jewellery rhodium plated every couple of years.
  1. Always handle your jewellery items with care, if your ring is set with diamonds or gemstones, or both, try to pick your rings up via the shank.  This will prevent any natural oils from your hands building up around your stone setting.
  1. Mother nature made diamonds to last and they’re extremely hard wearing, but that’s not to say they will not chip. Take off your jewellery when doing any manual chores, lifting heavy items against your ring can bend the setting, the pressure to your ring can change the shape of ring shoulders and shank.  If you have any softer stones such as emeralds, make sure you wear them on days that you know you won’t be doing any physical tasks.
  1. Take your ring to an expert every year so that your precious item can be checked over, from the claws to the mount, to make sure that your ring is still in great condition and no stones have jiggled out of place.
  If you have any questions regarding the maintain of your precious jewellery, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us. We offer a free cleaning service here at Browns, so don’t be afraid to bring back that great purchase for checking. Image 1,2: Getty Images