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A Glistening Guide To Wearing Diamonds

With an elegance, rarity and sparkle like no other, a diamond truly is unmatched. Its connection to love and romance make it the most revered gemstone in the world, with a hardness that allows you to treasure it forever. These make for perfect jewellery, which is why they have been our most treasured possessions for years, marking the most special of occasions.

A Glistening Guide To Wearing Diamonds

The incredible durability of diamonds ranks them a 10 on Mohs scale of hardness, meaning that your diamond jewellery is very unlikely to get scratched or damaged by life's everyday adventures. No gemstone carries as much allure and interest as the classic diamond, and its beauty will remain timeless and desired forevermore. 

So, whether you want to treat yourself to a diamond jewellery piece to wear every day, or you need that special accessory to add a hint of glamour to your party outfit, it’s important to select the right diamond. If you’re wondering how to seek and wear said perfect diamond, our Browns Family Jewellers diamond style guide is here to give you an idea of what to look out for, whatever the occasion or budget. 

Engagement rings 

The tradition of using diamonds for engagement rings dates all the way back to 1477, when Archduke Maximillian of Austria commissioned the first diamond engagement ring for his bride-to-be. Since then, diamond engagement rings have become synonymous with marriage and are now symbols of love and commitment, and with it comes the tradition of gifting your loved one a diamond engagement ring. However, their hardness and robustness against everyday nicks and knocks make them, not only the traditional choice, but also the most practical. With a plethora of shapes, cuts, and colours to choose from, you can find a design that will work seamlessly with any existing jewellery collection.

For example, white diamonds will work with silver, gold, and rose gold jewellery. So if you prefer the traditional choice for an engagement ring, but are concerned about how it will suit your gold or rose gold jewellery, you can rest assured that your diamond will not look out of place. Something such as this classic diamond round halo engagement ring is perfect for you or your loved one for its timeless elegance and brilliant sparkle that will compliment all metal colours. It is a truly breathtaking ring style that will look stunning when worn alone with formal work attire, or casual jeans and top. Or, stack with other rings in your jewellery collection with an evening dress when the time calls, for a look that shines from afar. 

Tennis bracelets 

The tennis bracelet got its name in 1987 during the US open, when tennis player Chris Evert lost her diamond bracelet during the match. Not only a tennis superstar, Evert was also a fashion icon and her signature diamond bracelet became synonymous with her name. 

Today, tennis bracelets are iconic in the world of jewellery and diamonds. They can easily uplift any outfit and accessorise both casual and formal outfits. A gorgeous one like this round brilliant diamond tennis bracelet, has unbeatable brilliance and flash, but still retains the classy subtlessness associated with diamond jewellery. 

Tennis Bracelet

The design of a diamond bracelet focuses on diamond jewellery suitable for an everyday uniform, striking the perfect balance between statement and simple. They are also ideal to be worn alone to add glamour to the every day, or stacked with existing jewellery to create your own signature collection, and if you like, whilst on the tennis court. 

Diamond earrings

A pair of diamond earrings are a staple to any jewellery collection, and when diamonds are so special, why wouldn’t you want to wear them every day? Although subtle enough for everyday wear, diamond earrings continuously sparkle and glisten with white lustre. They can pair wonderfully around the office with either a chic updo so they can be seen instantly, or with hair flowing down, so they peak through with the smallest movement. They can be added to your evening attire with ease, or even accompany you on your cosy nights in. Diamond earrings are without doubt, a girl's best friend. 

Diamond Earrings

Diamond pendant 

If there is ever an occasion to wear a diamond, it's your wedding day. And whilst you’ll have unrivalled sparkle from your engagement ring, be sure to accessorise your neck with the same dazzling decadence, and a diamond pendant is the perfect way to do so. On your wedding day, less is more when it comes to accessorising to ensure you maintain a sleek, elegant and timeless look so it is ideal to wear the pendant alone. 

Diamond Pendant

A style such as this round cut diamond pendant is simple, yet elegant, and makes a gorgeous touch to the already beautiful bride. Not to mention it makes a timeless heirloom to keep forever as a cherished memory of marriage. 

Diamond Pendant

Eternity rings 

Eternity rings are a beautiful and sentimental way to mark and celebrate an occasion. They can be given on birthdays, anniversaries, or simply as tokens of love to your most cherished people. They are a band of precious metal, set with a continuous line of identically cut diamonds to symbolise an eternity of never ending love. 

Eternity rings

An eternity ring is also slightly more understated than an engagement ring and so make for great everyday jewellery when you don’t want to wear anything too bold, but still want that special feeling when wearing a diamond. Because of the eternity ring’s minimalism, you’ll find it works well with almost everything so you can transition your jewellery from day to night without a moment's thought. 

Dress rings

A statement can always be made with a diamond dress ring, and if there is ever a perfect opportunity to make such a statement, it is at any evening event that encourages you to add some glamour to your outfit. Whether it’s a new year’s eve soiree or a social event with a few friends. 

Dress rings

And whilst diamonds are beautiful on their own, sometimes a hint of colour can work wonderfully alongside its charismatic sparkle. Look your dazzling best with a diamond dress ring such as this aquamarine and diamond ring. The diamond and aquamarine make an outstanding partnership, creating mesmerising light reflections. This piece will work wonderfully with an elegant silk dress and glitzy heels, or, a classic black dress or jumpsuit for the ultimate statement. However you choose to dress, there is no doubt a stylish ring will impress. 

For more advice on finding the right diamond jewellery for you, do not hesitate to get in touch with our expert team. You can shop our full jewellery collection for diamond jewellery that will last forever.