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A guide to anniversary jewellery for her

A wedding anniversary is the ideal opportunity to show that you care and treat your loved one to a special piece of jewellery she’ll treasure forever. Couples have celebrated wedding anniversaries since Roman times – in fact there were some very specific symbolic gifts given to wives to mark these occasions which you can read about here Each year brings with it a new meaning for your marriage and, as such, a different gift to mark the occasion. Here are a few landmark years that are worth celebrating - helping you show appreciation to your leading lady. 1st anniversary – gold White gold is the ideal way to celebrate your first, or ‘paper’ year together. These simple and beautiful studs are a timeless classic that she can wear for many years to come. And in the year when you’re probably still paying off the wedding, it’s a very affordable gift at £775. Product choice: 9ct white gold diamond solitaire stud earrings £775 9ct White Gold Diamond Solitaire Earrings 5th anniversary – sapphire After five years together it’s time to push the boat out a little further with a truly special piece she’ll treasure forever. Your fifth year is your wooden anniversary, but in jewellery terms it's become widely known as a silver or sapphire year. Nothing captures the light quite like a sapphire and, when paired with diamonds it becomes a truly special memento. Product choice: Sapphire and diamond pendant £1,750 Sapphire and Diamond Pendant 10th anniversary – diamond A decade together merits an extra special gift, and this stunning bracelet is classic in its design, making it a great collector’s piece that she will treasure. Product choice: Diamond tennis bracelet square edged £995 Diamond Tennis Bracelet 20th anniversary – emerald, platinum The jewellery that marks a 20-year anniversary is traditionally made with platinum. By now, her wedding ring will be well worn, so a new and eye-catching ring that she can wear to compliment this would be a thoughtful gift.   Product choice: The Mia diamond half eternity ring £1,355Emerald and Diamond Half eternity Ring 25th anniversary – sterling silver Your silver wedding anniversary happens after 25 years and, with so much choice when it comes to silver, it’s a great opportunity to get creative and buy her something truly personal. An ornate locket is a lovely gift that can be personalised with your own photographs – perhaps of the two of you, or your children – and while it may not be the most extravagant piece she owns, it will mean all the more because it’s from the heart.   Product choice: Engraved silver oval locket £75 Engraved Oval Locket Engraved Oval Locket 30th anniversary – pearl, diamond If you’ve made it to 30 years together, it’s time to treat her to a pearl. This exotic Tahitian pearl is unusual in colour, shimmering in different tones as it catches the light. Combine this gift with an anniversary trip to Tahiti for ultimate brownie points! Product choice: Tahitian pearl and diamond ring £595Tahitan grey Pearl and Diamond Ring Tahitan grey Pearl and Diamond Ring     40th anniversary – ruby, garnet Your ruby anniversary is certainly cause for celebration, and what better way to celebrate than with gorgeous clear ruby earrings? This is a classic design that will never go out of style, combining blood red rubies with elegantly cut diamonds for an ultimately show-stopping gift. Product choice: White gold ruby and diamond cluster earrings £1775 18 carat White Gold and Ruby Cluster Earrings   50th anniversary – gold Just as with your first, by your 50th wedding anniversary you’re back to gold but, since you’ve got 50 times as much celebrating to do, why not treat her to something extra special? This golden topaz ring is eye-catching, unusual and will be sure to bring a smile to her face on this very special occasion. Yellow gold golden topaz and diamond ring £2675 18 carat Yellow Gold Golden Topaz and Diamond Ring While traditions are popular when it comes to celebrating anniversaries, you also have freedom to choose something a little outside the box that may or may not include elements of these preconceptions. Perhaps you’re thinking of treating her to some vintage jewellery? Here’s some advice from our jewellery expert on all things vintage. Whatever you’re thinking, we’re here to help you choose the perfect anniversary gift. Give our experts a call on 0800 802 1772.