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A guide to anniversary jewellery for him

Celebrate your love with a special anniversary gift that he’ll never forget. While the ancient Romans celebrated anniversaries by giving silver and gold garlands to women, in modern times men receive just as many gifts to celebrate important milestones. At their core, anniversaries are a way of honouring the time spent together as a couple. Reminiscing and showing admiration for each other can help remind a couple why they fell in love in the first place. Historically, key milestones such as your 25th or 50th anniversary have been marked with special materials (in this case silver and gold respectively), but in more modern times, every year has a special gift associated with it. Click here to find out more about traditional anniversary milestones. 1st anniversary – gold The first year of marriage is known as the paper year but in jewellery terms gold is the material of choice to mark this occasion. Rose gold in particular is unusual and makes a stunning alternative to traditional yellow gold. St Christopher is the patron saint of travellers, so this is an ideal gift for a man who perhaps travels a lot for work or as a bon voyage gift if you’re planning a special holiday together. Product choice: Rose gold St Christopher pendant £175 9ct Rose Gold St Christopher 5th anniversary – silver or sapphire Although five years together is known as a ‘wooden anniversary’, jewellery choices in this year are traditionally focused around silver or sapphire. A beautiful pair of silver cufflinks make a wonderful gift and the more unusual the design, the better. These Deakin & Francis horse head cufflinks are the perfect way to top off an outfit for a style-conscious man. Product choice: Deakin & Francis horses head cufflinks £215 Deakin francis Cufflinks 10th anniversary – diamond Diamonds aren’t just a girl’s best friend – a lot of men love them too, so what better way to celebrate your tenth year together? A ten-year anniversary is widely referred to as a ‘tin year’, although diamonds are the stones of choice for those investing in jewellery to mark the occasion. A simple and elegant diamond stud is a wonderful way to celebrate your love. Product choice: Gents diamond stud earring £350 Gents Diamond Stud Earring   20th anniversary – emerald, platinum After 20 years together you’ll probably want to push the boat out a bit, and what better way to do so than with this iconic Rolex yachtmaster watch? This year is actually known as a ‘china’ year, although jewellery experts recommend either emeralds or platinum. This flawless platinum design is a style classic and piece he’ll treasure for many years to come.   Product choice: Rolex yachtmaster platinum £5450 Gents Rolex Yachtmaster Watch 25th anniversary – sterling silver Sterling silver is the order of the day for 25 years of marriage and, for a football fan, there’s no better gift than these stunning polished football cufflinks. Product choice: Silver polished football cufflinks Silver polish Football Cufflinks 30th anniversary – pearl, diamond If you’ve been together for 30 years, a pearl or a diamond is what you should be looking for. By now your other half will have been wearing his wedding ring for quite some time, so an eye-catching sparkler like this vintage gold and diamond ring is a great way to compliment that, and celebrate your love for each other.   Product choice: Vintage gold and diamond signet ring £1500 Vintage 18 Carat Yellow Gold Diamond Signet Ring Need more help deciding? Here are some considerations when buying jewellery, watches and accessories for men. Contact one of our jewellery experts today for more advice: 0800 802 1772.