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A guide to birthstones and their meanings

Have you ever gone to buy either yourself, a friend or  family member a stunning piece of jewellery with their birthstone and been left with no idea what that stone may be? This is certainly something that has happened to us! It’s also difficult to find out what the meaning of that birthstone is! Birthstones have become hugely popular and after all, giving a loved one a stunning gem that has personal significance makes for an extra special gift. Birthstones originate in ancient times when the Egyptians, Greeks, Persians, Romans and Indians allocated a different gemstone to each month. Each stone was said to bring healing and therapeutic benefits to the wearer.  The birthstones that we use for each month today originate from the biblical system which was created around 40 AD, with a welcome addition of one of our favourite stones Tanzanite, added in 2002. Let us guide you through the gemstones and the unique meaning behind each..

January – Garnet

January, the month of new beginnings after cheering that last glass of fizz and promising yourself that you’ll never drink again (this may just be us). The 1st of January is the time to think about resolutions and a fresh start. What could be more effective at this time of year than a birthstone said to empower the wearer with willpower and self-esteem. The beautiful lustre of the garnet is perfect for this period. Carrying festive colours from Christmas into to the new year, Garnet has been said to possess strong healing properties, eliminating toxins from the body and helping to keep depression at bay. This is perfect as the grey cold weather persists and the holiday blues set in. Garnet stimulates the metabolism which is essential in January to deal with all those cheese boards and mince pies and will aid that much needed resolution to lose a few pounds before summer.

[caption id="attachment_663" align="aligncenter" width="300"]18ct White Gold Rhodalite Garnet & Diamond Cluster Ring 18ct White Gold Rhodalite Garnet & Diamond Cluster Ring £1295[/caption]

February – Amethyst

Looking at amethyst gems can induce a sense of relaxation and calmness. The perfect lavender hue emanates a feeling of serenity. Amethyst is well known for inner-balance and temperance. It’s the perfect stone for those with addictive personalities and it has even been said to help with the withdrawal of alcohol or drugs. The stone itself was historically only allowed to be worn by royalty.

[caption id="attachment_664" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Amethyst and Diamond Pendant Amethyst and Diamond Pendant £495[/caption]

March – Aquamarine

Aquamarine has a mesmerising blue hue that is reminiscent of  balmy, clear and azure foreign waters. This gemstone is said to bring good health, great love and a sense of youthfulness. A stone of symmetry, it is perfect for meditation and revelations. In ancient lore, aquamarine was believed to have been treasured by mermaids with both Greek and Roman mythologies stating its origins as lying locked away in their treasure chests,  deep within their watery realms.

[caption id="attachment_666" align="aligncenter" width="300"]White Gold Aquamarine Ring White Gold Aquamarine Ring £3050[/caption]

April – Diamonds

Well, congratulations to all those lucky babies born in April. Diamonds are certainly the crème de la crème of the gemstone world. The word ‘diamond’ derives from the Greek word ‘admas’, meaning that they are completely unconquerable. Diamonds are an obvious a symbol of love and sit perfectly in any engagement ring. They are also said to bring strength, eternity and everlasting love. This stone really is the complete package and if all that wasn’t enough, they are even said to increase intellectual power. It’s no wonder diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

[caption id="attachment_667" align="aligncenter" width="300"]1 Carat Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring 1 Carat Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring £6995[/caption]

May – Emerald

As Cleopatra’s favourite gemstone and much loved by glamourous celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor, this gemstone dazzles with intense vivacity. Emeralds are derived from Zambia, Brazil and Colombia and signify youth, vitality and rebirth. They are said to provide all wearers with good fortune, so there’s no wonder it’s popular amongst celebrities. The vivacious green colour is perfect for celebrating May, complimenting nature as the  country starts to bloom before the summer months.

[caption id="attachment_668" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Vintage Diamond and Emerald Ring Vintage Diamond and Emerald Ring £4595[/caption]

June – Pearl

The lustre of a pearl is second to none. This magical gemstone symbolises innocence, purity and loyalty to faithlessness and friendships. The fact that this wonderful object starts off as a parasite is astonishing. Pearls can only be described as one of nature’s miracle’s. According to ancient Greek mythology, pearls are the tears of the gods. Nothing could be more beautiful than a simple pearl strand; think Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. If your birthday lies in June, you are spoilt for choice as you can also choose from moonstone and alexandrite.

  [caption id="attachment_669" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Yellow Gold Cultured Pearl Pendant Yellow Gold Cultured Pearl Pendant[/caption]

August – Peridot

The stunning green-yellow hue of peridot is a show-stopper. This stone, with high levels of vivacity and life, is nothing short of mesmerising. Peridot forms deep beneath the earth and is only brought to light when a volcano erupts., It is astonishing that something so beautiful is hidden until unsurfaced in the most violent and dramatic of ways.  Due to its extremely striking colours, this stone has been described as both ‘The Gem of the Sun’ and in ancient history as being the tears of Hawaiian Goddess Pele.  Those born in August are also extremely lucky to have another gemstone to choose from, Sardonyx. Related to the onyx family, this beautifully crafted gemstone is formed from layers of red and white bands.

[caption id="attachment_670" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Peridot and Diamond Cluster Ring Peridot and Diamond Cluster Ring[/caption]

September – Sapphire

The striking colours of sapphires make this stone extremely captivating. The most popular hue of sapphire has to be the magnificent striking blue.  Sapphire has always been associated with royalty and romance and this association was reinforced in 1981 when Prince Charles gave Lady Diana a stunning sapphire and diamond engagement cluster. These stones are said to provide protection from the green eyed monster, envy. Sapphires date back to the middle ages where the clergy would wear them to represent a connection with heaven.  This beautiful blue gem comes in a vast range of hues from white, green,, purple,orange, and a gorgeous pink.

[caption id="attachment_672" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Sapphire and Diamond Cluster Ring Sapphire and Diamond Cluster Ring[/caption]

October – Opal

The play of colours in opals are memorising. This gem has long been coveted for its fabulous lustre and kaleidoscopic hues. Their name derives from the Greek word ‘opalus’ which means to ‘see a play in colour’.  Opals have also been declared as possessing magical qualities by ancient cultures. The opal has many different associations and has been said to bring good fortune to those who wear it. It was said by Arab cultures that this gemstone does not in fact originate from this world but instead fell from heaven. There are many different types of opals, each with their individual lustre; rainbow-hued Australian Boulder opals, Mexican fire opals and beautiful dark opals. Recently, tourmaline has also become an alternative September birthstone.

[caption id="attachment_673" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Opal and Diamond Cluster Ring Opal and Diamond Cluster Ring £3995[/caption]

 November - Citrine

Citrine is a perfect gemstone for November; the gentle yellow,brown and orange hues add a hint of sunshine for when the warmth of summer and autumnal colours begin to fade. This stone has been said to provide health benefits, bringing an air of hope and much needed energy to its wearer. Citrine is also said to help with depression and its hues certainly provide a feeling of warmth and comfort just by admiring them. Topaz is an alternative birthstone for November which also brings colour into the otherwise bleak and wintery month.

[caption id="attachment_674" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Citrine and Diamond Cluster Ring Citrine and Diamond Cluster Ring £825[/caption]

 December – Blue Topaz 

December, the time to be filled with excitement and festive joy!! The icy-coloured hue of blue topaz is perfect offset with diamonds for Christmas sparkle.  This gem is extremely versatile, stretching from the well-known pale sky blue to a much deeper and richer shade of blue. This stone is hard-wearing and is not easily scratched, making it perfect for everyday wear.  Topaz is said to be perfect for gaining a pleasant disposition and patient attitude With Topaz, you will certainly be among the most charismatic guests at any festive event.

[caption id="attachment_675" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Blue Topaz pendant Blue Topaz pendant £295[/caption] Have you ever been given a birthstone pressie? We would love to hear what your birthstone is!