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A guide to working out your ring size

‘What ring size am I?’ is one of those tricky questions that everyone asks themselves. Just like when you see a cute pair of jeans or a top you like – it’s something you should really know the answer to, and it can be very frustrating when you realise that you don’t. Your ‘‘self-talk’’ is very important, especially when it comes to anything fashion-related, which is why at Browns we have the SIZE GUIDE – an essential guide for working out your ring size. And for you gents, we’re going to outline how to do the home detective work necessary to find out the ring size of your special someone. The real problem isn’t "ring or no ring", ladies and gents, it’s purchasing a ring that fits the finger you so want to garnish in jewels. f there is going to be any success in this you’ll need to print yourself a ring size chart. Simply placing your ring onto its corresponding size would be the initial easy option. Alternatively, if you’re a lady of leisure and enjoy shopping around, be sure to pop into one of your local jewellers who will be more than happy to professionally measure your finger – you’ll also be able to admire some pretty pieces whilst you’re in there! It’s fair to say that 99.9% of the time there is a certain programmed association when it comes to a man purchasing a ring; we all know that ring + woman = engagement. Today we are getting down to the nitty gritty so you can find out that all-so-important ring size. For the romantic men out there, finding out her ring size might not prove to be as simple as you may have initially thought, which is why we at Browns Family Jewellers have your back and are hereby providing you with the top 3 ways to securely measure her ring size. 1. SOAP AND GLORY ( literally) Stop with the guessing and grab yourself a bar of soap. When she takes off her ring at the end of the night, press it into a bar of soap to create an imprint. You’ll be able to use the imprint to find out her ring size by using it with the chart guide. Always bear in mind though that one ring may not provide you with the correct measurement for all of her fingers. Be sure you’re checking the correct ring finger and once you’ve created your imprint, take care to ensure it’s clean and placed back where you found it – you don’t want to get caught!   2. AGILE ADJUSTMENTS Not everyone has time to sleuth around and it’s fair to say that most of us are more Pink Panther than Sherlock Holmes. So, if you’re looking for an easier alternative to eliminate the guessing game, we have just the method for you. If we tell you that the average ring size for women is a 6 or a 6.5 and provide you with the Einstein of equations, you’ve got a perfect starting point. TIP: size up for a middle or index finger and down for the pinky. The good news is that as long as you’re within few sizes of her perfect fit, the ring can usually be resized to perfection. It’s important to keep in mind though that bands encrusted with diamonds and gemstones are harder to re-size, compared to plain metal alternatives.   3. CRAFTY TALK! When all else fails you’re left with no alternative than to go in blind and perfect your crafty talk – be charming! Perhaps tell her that you have found out a crazy-fun fact about fingers and have her casually tell you her ring size without thinking twice about it. We can’t all be good at talking our way in and out of things, so let us give you a head start: if you take your shoe size, divide it by two and then add three it totals your ring size... Now, we can’t guarantee that this is in fact true, but we’re sure that she will probably go ahead and confirm her ring size because the equation is utterly false, and she’ll likely be all-too keen to prove you wrong!   So now that we have given you the wisdom and hopefully the will to get her ring size, or find out your own, why not browse our very own ring collection here! All Images via Pinterest