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Beautiful bugs – 2016 jewellery trend

Bugs aren’t always the most popular of animals. You will hear frequent screams from our team when spiders are sighted, and especially with the recent visit of a very large bumblebee which landed on one of our creative assistants faces! On Monday morning, whilst searching through Pinterest for some much needed inspiration, we couldn’t help but notice that insect jewellery is one of the main trends for 2016.  While bugs may not be the most compelling subject in real life, they look fabulous bejewelled in gold. The catwalk has been filled with beautifully crafted glistening six legged, winged creatures including dragonflies, butterflies and ladybirds.   Chanel channelled a very well known Victorian trend of diamond winged creepy-crawlies embellished with ruby eyes.  Insect brooches were found creeping across the iconic Chanel boucle suits, or perfectly placed on delicate dress straps.  Chanel’s flash back to nature also looks fantastic on the runway. The Victorians had a passion for wearing all things insects and often gave bug jewellery as a gift,  it was said to be a token of love. These crawly creatures have been admired throughout the ages in both methodology and symbolism.   Helen Mcknockiter Illustration   The Scarab Scarab beetles were extremely popular among the Ancient Egyptians. Amulets in the form of beetles were worn by soldiers and thought to have powers to protect them from evil and those pesky enemies. Beetles have been said to symbolise modesty, persistence and strength. The fact that this creature is extremely small does not hold them back; they can hold 600 times their body weight, so certainly wear a beautiful gemstone ornamented beetle on those tough days to give you strength!  Beetle jewellery is often embellished with stunning vivacious enamel that gives them a vibrant iridescence, just as they have in reality.   Helen McKnockiter Illustration   The Dragonfly One of our personal favourites; dragonflies have such an allure as they gracefully glide along withtheir shimmery wings flickering above the water.  Dragonflies’ symbolism reflects that of its agility – poise, maturity and efficiency. They can fly at 45 miles per hour and they have the ability to hover, fly backwards, and vertically, while exuding a sense of power and poise.  The dragonfly was an extremely popular motif during the Victorian era, reminiscent of the Art Nouveau period and inspired by Japanese paintings of dragonflies. The Bee The bumble bee represents focus, creativity and personal power; another favourite with the Victorians. The bee is said to be a good luck charm. In Mediterranean civilizations the bee is said to be brave, tirelessly hard working, clean and harmonious.  The fact that bees can fly is considered to be a miracle of physics given the size of their wings compared to the body, signifying the idea that anything is possible! How do you feel about this 2016 bug trend?  Will you be wearing any creepy crawlies this summer?         Illustrations: https://www.facebook.com/Helen-Mcknockiter-Painter-and-Illustrator-150316228482067/?fref=ts