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Choosing the perfect pair of earrings to complement your wedding day hairstyle

The finishing touches can make any outfit, and this is no exception on your all important wedding day. Earrings can play a starring role in perfecting your bridal look, framing the face fantastically, while injecting glamour and personal style. Naturally, they complement your best attributes, as well as being the perfect accompaniment to glossy, styled wedding hair. Whether opting for flowing angelic waves or a beautiful classic up braid, earrings can add extra allure and style. The key to chosing the perfect earrings to suit that gorgeously tousled hair is all in the balance: if you are opting for a more flamboyant hair style then keep your earrings simple to show off the intricate hair design; and if your hair is being left slightly undone then a more glamourous style earring will work perfectly. This rule also applies for the style of the dress, the simpler your wedding dress, the more you can accessorise. Vintage Brides  If a romantic, vintage style has been a huge inspiration for your wedding, then you have probably narrowed your hair style down to a stunning soft wave or possibly a braided updo, elegantly placed to one side and channeling 1920’s Hollywood glamour. Beautiful drop earrings are an ideal way to represent the enduring elegance of the vintage period. At Browns Family Jewellers, we love the style of these earrings for a vintage bride. Accented with dazzling bright white diamonds and soft white pearls, the lively sparkle of the diamonds and dreamy hue of the pearls is undeniably beautiful. The elongated drop adds to the enchantment of these earrings. [caption id="attachment_1063" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Browns Family Jewellers Diamond & Pearl Drop Earrings Browns Family Jewellers Diamond & Pearl Drop Earrings[/caption] Bohemian Bride You might dream of having your hair perfectly styled in undone bohemian waves; like you have just stepped off the beach, while being perfectly manicured. A tousled side braid also looks fabulous for that effortless look. A bit of sparkle works wonders with this undone hair style, allowing the diamonds to dazzle between the waves and creating a flawless romantic allure to your wedding day style. These 18 carat, white gold earrings are simply stunning, set with vivacious diamonds that will create an extraordinary shimmer between your luxurious curls. [caption id="attachment_1069" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Browns Family Jewellers Diamond Drop Earrings[/caption] If you have decided to channel your true bohemian child, and have embellished your hair with a fresh flower crown, then keep the earrings simple to not detract away from the vibrant floral garland. Flowers are a great way of adding effortless colour and bringing focus to the face. Diamond studs will add sparkle to this delicate ethereal look. You will want to wear these diamond stud earrings to every upcoming occasion, making them a great reminder of your big day. Diamond stud earrings are a classic, exuding elegance and sophistication; simple, minimalist earrings are a fashion forward and bride’s wedding essential. Wedding Hair Wedding Hair Earrinsg to suit you wedding hair Modernist Bride A top knot can look stylish and chic; for all those modern brides with great bone structure this is definitely the hairstyle for you. his is a great style to show off contemporary chandelier or long drop earrings. This look illustrates minimalism at its best; a modern sophisticated look that will never date. Earrings to suit all wedding hair Earrings to suit all wedding hair We love these earrings from Vamp London. Made in Italy, these hand finished earrings have been created by two dazzling chain loops that hang perfectly, and have been designed to capture light and multiple rays of sunshine. You will be glimmering down the aisle in these Vamp London Rio earrings. [caption id="attachment_1073" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Vamp London Chic Rio Rose Gold Earrings Vamp London Chic Rio Rose Gold Earrings[/caption] Glamour Bride Big, bouncy bombshell hair with lots of volume will photograph like a dream on your special day. Playful earrings accompany this look the best. Flowing sparkle is a must, and this look is anything but classic. We love the vibrancy and detailing of these earrings. Earrings to match your wedding hair [caption id="attachment_1075" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Browns Family Jewellers Diamond Drop Earrings Browns Family Jewellers Diamond Drop Earrings[/caption] These glamorous white gold diamond drop earrings have a dazzling life and lustre all of their own. Set with high quality bright white diamonds, and within a unique shaped frame, they scream luxury. We would love to hear about your favourite wedding hair and earring combinations, send us an image below! All images via Pinterest