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Considerations when buying jewellery, watches and accessories for men

Buying a piece of jewellery, watch or accessory for someone can often be a bit of a challenge. Amid the price tags and various styles it’s easy to feel out of your depth, and this can especially be the case when buying for men. Men’s jewellery exists in a variety of styles and designs to suit a whole host of individual tastes, which leaves a lot of considerations to be made when purchasing. It certainly helps to have an idea of what the person would like before traipsing around jewellery stores and surfing the net. To make the journey as smooth as possible, here are a few things to consider when buying jewellery, watches and accessories for men. Style and interest Looking at what the person in question currently wears will give you a good indication of what style to choose. Does he have more of a modern style or classic look? A person's style can mean the difference between buying vintage or new and contemporary. Remember, it’s what they like that counts, not what you prefer! Typically the type of metal is the defining aspect of an item, both visually and practically, making it one of the most important considerations.When choosing a metal it’s key to remember balance. Looking at any metals that the person is already wearing will give you a good indication to their current tastes, and choosing something similar will help complement their collection. If he favours gems or diamonds, the gift can also be tailored to a birth month or anniversary. This will add a more personal touch and meaning. A popular choice here at Brown’s Family Jewellers is the birthstone April - a diamond. [caption id="attachment_379" align="alignleft" width="300"]yellow-gold-diamond-cluster-ring Yellow Gold Signet Ring[/caption] [caption id="attachment_378" align="alignleft" width="300"]vintage-18-carat-gold Vintage 18 carat Diamond Signet Ring[/caption]                           With a favourable metal and stone in mind, next up is the type of jewellery or accessory itself. Earrings, necklaces, cufflinks and watches are just a handful of options. Again, what pieces does the man already favour? Or, will there be occasions where he might like to showcase something a bit special and out of the ordinary? Men’s earrings allow a man to add a bit of shine to their look, and many fashionable male role models are seen sporting a diamond stud. This trend has been really popular for many decades now, but before indulging, it’s worth checking whether his ears are pierced? Men’s necklaces are generally 18 to 24 inches in length. These lengths will typically rest above the sternum without hugging the neck. For those embracing an active lifestyle, perhaps a shorter chain would be better as it’s less likely to move around. However if the person already has a chain they regularly wear, it could be worth checking the length first. Work and hobbies When looking to invest in men's accessories, an important component is the practicality of the piece; it’s important that the item fits the person's lifestyle. A great set of cufflinks is a classic way of wearing jewellery for a man and makes for a very popular gift. If the person works in a fairly conservative office or has a very smart social life, a cufflink could be a practical, stylish choice. We have a range of cufflinks to suit all tastes, from the classic look to more modern styles. [caption id="attachment_381" align="alignleft" width="300"]VINTAGE 9CT GOLD PATTERNED CUFFLINK Vintage 9CT Gold Patterned Cufflink[/caption] [caption id="attachment_380" align="alignleft" width="300"]silver-polished-football-cufflinks Silver Football cufflinks[/caption]                             Watches fit into just about any lifestyle. Stylish and practical, they’re a very popular choice to go with any look. The only flaw with this practical gift, is the huge amount of choice! For those with busy lifestyles it’s useful to consider extra functions like the date and timer, and for more active lifestyles scratch-resistant glass and waterproof features may be better suited. The style of the watch depends on the man, here are the two very different extremes. citizen-gents-citizen-eco-drive-watch bering-bering-mens-ceramic-steel-watch                           The Citizen Gents Eco Drive Watch (on the left) offers a more classic, vintage look with its traditional quality leather strap and buckle. With a simple, clean face, it’s ideal for everyday wear. Bering Mens Ceramic and Steel Watch (on the right) has much more of a modern look. Made out of stainless steel, it comes with the versatility of being waterproof, having a stopwatch and the date. hings to look out for: Does he have his ears pierced? What type of metal is he already wearing? Does he prefer vintage, second hand jewellery or new and contemporary? What would suit his lifestyle? You don’t need to be an expert, that’s what we’re here for. If you have the vision, together we can find the perfect gift. Get in touch with one of our jewellery and accessory experts on 0800 802 1772.   Feature image: https://uk.pinterest.com/pin/9007267984725699/