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The process behind beautifully crafted diamond rings

Beyond the display windows of jewellery stores, exhibiting flashy glimpses of sparkling jewels, have you ever wondered how those beautiful diamond rings were crafted? Here at Browns our love for antique diamond rings has led us to delve into the backstage details. The construction of such a small object is simply fascinating, and creating the final spectacle of a beautifully crafted ring can take years to master. Antique diamond rings are unique in the way that mass production isn’t an option. They take craftsmanship, dedication and a lot of patience. After all, beautiful things take time. Each and every step in the process of crafting a unique diamond ring needs a high level of skill and attention. The following steps are a general guide to how a rough diamond is turned into a sparkling masterpiece.
  1.  Cutting
The beauty, shine and final value of the diamond is determined by its cut. The cut can make the diamond appear bigger, improve the colour and mask flaws. The cut is the only human control over the diamond’s characteristic, it’s a chance to make it unique and jaw-droppingly beautiful. We’ve all heard the phrase, ‘A diamond in the rough’. And this is literally the case. Diamonds found in their rough state need vigorous polishing and cutting to become impressive. It takes a remarkable degree of skill and time to achieve. The art of turning a rough diamond into the glittering masterpiece we see in diamond rings today, is what makes up a good part of the price. The diamond is cut in different stages. From its rough state, the diamond is then analysed for the best design to maximise cut and value. After this is determined, saws, lasers or being manually cleaved are typically used to cut the diamond. Once this process is complete the diamond is ready to be shaped. Untitled1    
  1.  The diamond shape
The diamond’s shape is where the fun begins, and this is one of the most crucial ingredients.The shape of the stone creates the big impact - it’s the first thing our eyes fixate on, the aspect, angles and reflections that draw our attention to the ring. The most popular diamond cuts are: Round Brilliant, Emerald, Pear, Heart, Princess, Oval, Cushion, Marquise. Untitled
  1.  Bruting
Bruting is the process that gives the diamond its shape. This takes skill as diamonds are made from the hardest material in the world. So when it comes to cleaving and bruting, a diamond can only be cut mechanically by another diamond. Using a laser is an option but you’re limited.
  1.  The placement in the ring
If a diamond is indeed forever, the placement and setting needs to last. Setting a diamond in a ring is very demanding work and it takes dexterous use of tools and the utmost attention to detail. It’s an important consideration when crafting a diamond ring as it’s going to affect the overall design and the diamond’s everlasting beauty. There are two factors to consider when setting a diamond. Firstly the stone must sit securely inside the grooves of the setting. Secondly, to ensure maximum sparkle, light needs to pass through the stone correctly. The preparation of the claws is the most important stage of setting, and done correctly, this will let the stone sit level allowing the maximum amount of light to enter for that beautiful sparkle.
  1.  Polishing
The final process to a perfect diamond is polishing. Facets are cut onto the diamond and the final polishing is performed. This is what gives the diamond its impressive sparkle we know so well. A good polish will emphasise the appearance of the diamond’s surface. A perfect polish will showcase a smooth surface, whereas a poor polish will create a dull surface and minimum sparkle. This entire process takes a rough diamond, as it was dug up, and transforms it into the stunning rings we see in jewellers today. A process that will surely continue for many hundreds of years to come. Here are some of our favourite antique diamond rings at Browns Family Jewellers:     platinum-diamond-ruby-three-stone-ring-p16922-3638_imagediamond-sapphire-cluster-ring-p18236-3610_image   vintage-old-cut-1-00ct-5-stone-diamond-ring-p27598-4463_zoomart-deco-diamond-flower-cluster-ring-p684-3153_zoom   We’re here to help you choose a diamond ring that’s perfect for you. Get in touch to speak to an expert.