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How Rolex has earned its prestige

When deciding on a designer watch, there’s undoubtedly a beautiful array from prestigious and globally renowned brands. The Rolex has long maintained its place as one of the very best, and is strongly associated with precision and elegance, the hallmark of the remarkable and the benchmark of quality in the sphere of timekeeping. At Browns, we know first-hand just how outstanding a Rolex is. That’s why we’ve taken a look into its unique history, as well as shining the spotlight on a couple of Rolex watches available from Browns.    Destined for greatness  For every milestone in our history, there is a Rolex watch alongside it. Established by Hans Wilsdorf in London in 1905, Rolex watches were destined for greatness from the beginning. Prior to Wilsdorf’s vision, the wristwatch was unpopular due to its inelegance and imprecision, making accuracy the first and highest priority for the brand. In 1914, Kew Observatory awarded the Rolex a Class A Precision Certificate, an accolade only ever previously granted to marine chronometers. It was this milestone that cemented its place in history and set the wheels of prestige in motion.  First establishing Rolex’s famous ties to the world of professional sport and achievement of the highest calibre was Mercedes Gleitz; the first British woman to swim the English Channel and the first person ever to swim the Straits of Gibraltar. Gleitz wore the Rolex’s pioneering ‘Oyster’ watch over her ten-hour swim, becoming the brand’s original ambassador and proving without question, the watch’s status as a truly waterproof timepiece. Six years later in 1933, the crew of the first plane to fly over Everest were equipped with the very same watch.   Moving in innovative ways  Perhaps one of Rolex’s greatest achievements, and the feature which earned it the utmost personal prestige was the perpetual motion mechanism. This no longer required wearers to wind their own watches, showcasing Rolex’s technical and innovative prowess and accelerating the technology forward forever. The mechanism consists of a half-moon weight rotating freely in both directions that provides the watch with constant energy, meaning that just wearing it means the watch will run smoothly. From endurance racing drivers to deep-sea divers, pilots and nuclear physicists, only one watch brand is good enough. And for the rest of us, Rolex watches represent a wealth of history and timeless elegance. View our range of Rolex watches, and learn more about its incredible lineage of progress and style.   A Rolex for her...  Our Rolex BI metal Datejust white baton dial jubilee watch is a beautiful example of a women’s Rolex that perfectly encapsulates the functional luxury of the iconic brand. Featuring a gold fluted bezel around a white baton dial, this watch elegantly demonstrates the best of the brand.  [caption id="attachment_1847" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Ladies Datejust Bi Metal Jubilee Rolex - £3,950[/caption]   And a Rolex for him.  Rolex watches for men again feature some of the finest machinery you can buy. Our Datejust Roman Oyster bracelet watch showcases a black dial with sapphire crystal. This piece, like all our Rolexes, comes in a box with the original papers - making for an ageless connection to the past. [caption id="attachment_1848" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Gents Datejust Roman Oyster Bracelet Rolex - £4,950[/caption]   At Browns, we’re proud to stock a range of luxury Rolex watches. If you have any questions then get in touch or visit one of our stores to speak to one of our highly experienced experts.