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How To Choose Jewellery For An Anniversary

Anniversaries are a loving way to celebrate the bonds that people share and time that has been spent together. Though traditionally, anniversaries are used to celebrate marriage milestones, they can also be acknowledged in any relationship or friendship. A certain amount of years will also carry its own symbolism to make the event even more special.

How To Choose Jewellery For An Anniversary

To mark this momentous occasion, people will aptly choose jewellery to give. Jewellery makes a perfect anniversary gift because it will last a lifetime, is both sentimental and personal to the individual, and also can be passed on for generations to come as a mark of everlasting love. 

To help you gauge an idea of what to get your loved one on your anniversary, whatever relationship or year you may be celebrating, we’ve compiled a guide that will help walk you through the many gemstones and precious metals that are associated with each special anniversary year. 

1 golden year

The first year as a married couple is looked upon as the year of adjustment into a new journey. A first anniversary is for you and your partner to reflect on your love for one another. Traditionally, paper is the flagship for the first year milestone as it symbolises the strength that comes from the interlaced connection of its individual threads. In keeping with the traditional theme, you can consider a delicate pearl piece that’s connected to the first and 30th year, or alternatively, a golden showstopper. It is well known that gold symbolises the all important 50th anniversary milestone, but the colour gold is connected to the first anniversary year as it symbolises wealth and prosperity. 

Merge the two with this show stopping cultured pearl and diamond necklace in 14k yellow gold. This necklace strikes the perfect balance between statement and staple, with iconic yellow gold and pearls for a perfectly simple yet beautifully elegant necklace, for everyday wearability. Any receiver of this gift will feel radiant as it sits delicately on the neckline whilst adding a delicate sparkle and glamour to any look. 

5 years

A fifth anniversary is a milestone that is certainly worth celebrating. By the fifth year, your strong bond has already lasted half a decade. Traditionally, wood symbolises the fifth year, as it indicates a solidified relationship. An anniversary date to a nature trail or a weekend forest retreat, paired with a beautiful gift is the perfect way to celebrate. The colours associated with the special milestone are blue and pink, and so sapphires make the most fitting gemstone for such an occasion. 

These stunning diamond and sapphire stud earrings will certainly do the trick. A timeless addition to all jewellery boxes, these 18k white gold sapphire diamond halo stud earrings are the ultimate finishing touch to any outfit. Bringing together classic style and striking modernity, these royal-inspired earrings showcase 5 wonderful years in bucket-fulls and are guaranteed to turn heads whenever they’re worn. 

A diamond decade 

The 10th anniversary year is considered the first of the major milestones. This year is all about the durability of your commitment to one another, that’s lasted a full decade. Tin and aluminum symbolise this year due to being flexible and durable, and how it can be bent without being broken, qualities that will have been built during your ten years together. Something that both the 10th and 60th anniversaries share is the diamond. The diamond is the embodiment of strength and love. 

Crafted from 18k white gold and boasting a magnificent array of bright sparkling diamonds, this diamond tennis bracelet adds glamour to the decade occasion. Designed in a fluid tennis bracelet style and fastened with a security clasp, this bracelet has a timeless grace and elegance that will never go out of fashion. With such classic design, you’ll want to wear it for decades to come.

25 glistening years

A 25th anniversary is an important milestone to celebrate, after all, you’ll have been in a strong relationship for a quarter of a century. Silver is associated with this anniversary due to its radiance and brilliance, which fittingly symbolises a loving relationship of this long. A silver timepiece is a beautiful nod to the timeless love that you both share, and to all the memorable moments you’ve made during the last 25 years. 

This elegant Rolex Air-King is the perfect gift to show him how much he’s appreciated. A true classic in the timepiece world, Rolex is renowned for quality and reliability and so a perfect gift to mark 25 years of any relationship. Crafted from the finest materials and assembled with true attention to detail, this watch is an investment that will last a lifetime and is sure to see you through plenty more memorable times and happy years together.

30 is a pearl

The pearl symbolises purity, honesty and wisdom. Which would be in abundance in any relationship that reaches the 30 year mark. It is also symbolic in that it represents strength, ongoing fire of love and lasting durability. Therefore, pearls make the ultimate gift for those celebrating a 30th anniversary. 

Gift your loved one these gorgeous pearl and diamond drop earrings to show how much you love her. These timeless and elegant earrings feature creamy pearl encased within an artfully crafted design embellished with dazzling diamonds for a sparkling touch. These earrings are a stunning piece of quintessential jewellery that will be treasured forever. 

Ruby wedding anniversary at 40 years

Congratulations to you and your love for reaching this magnificent milestone. It’s well-known that the 40th year is marked by the ruby. Spending 40 years together is a wonderful reason to celebrate that fact. It is also the year in a marriage where couples will renew their marriage vows as a symbol of their undying love for one another.

However you choose to mark this momentous milestone, a new ring to symbolise 40 years of unconditional love is the perfect gift. Such as this ruby half eternity ring, which is crafted from 18k white gold and features a row of alternating round mixed cut rubies and brilliant-cut diamonds. This radiant row of rubies symbolises everlasting love and is the perfect way to celebrate day one right up to now. 

You’re so golden at 50 years

50 years is undoubtedly a celebration and gold is quite rightly the defining metal for this milestone as it represents the enduring and beautiful nature of a long-lasting relationship. A piece of gold jewellery to gift your loved one will mark this occasion perfectly and showcase your love in abundance. 

Such as this emerald and diamond stacking ring in 9k yellow gold. This beautiful ring is the ultimate gift to add to your collection of jewellery. It stacks perfectly on top of a wedding ring to mark a wonderful 50 years of marriage. It features a row of alternating round brilliant cut diamonds and emeralds, and can be worn every day for every future memory.

Eternity rings 

When shopping for the perfect anniversary gift, eternity rings make incomparable choices that can be bought to mark every important milestone. They are symbolic in that they are given to commemorate a special moment in a relationship and represent an eternity of love, making them the ultimate gift for your loved ones. They can also be used to create a stacked bridal set, adding to your wedding or engagement ring, or both. What’s more, they can be bought time and time again, to create a collection of rings where each can be traced back to a certain time and moment that you can cherish forever. You can shop our vast range of eternity rings to find special jewellery for special occasions. 

We’d love to know how you decide to celebrate your anniversary, so do not hesitate to get in touch if you require help in choosing the right anniversary jewellery or watch gift. You can pop into the store, phone, email or book a virtual consultation whenever’s convenient for you.