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How to choose the dream wedding ring? Here’s why a bespoke design may be for you

Wedding season comes around quicker each year. Once you’re done with one, you blink and suddenly the melodic tap of wedding planning surrounds your ears, and a flurry of engagements fill your online feeds all over again.

How to choose the dream wedding ring? Here’s why a bespoke design may be for you

We are certainly in prime wedding season at all times at Browns and we know that choosing the perfect wedding band is no easy feat for newly engaged couples. A ring that will be worn forever requires a great deal of thought and there are a fair few to choose from.

The best news you will hear today is that your dream wedding ring can be made to be as exclusive and personal as you desire. In choosing a bespoke design, you have free creative reign to design a ring that embodies all the details that are important to you. You can be inspired by existing designs and add your own personal touch so that your ring is as unique as your own personal love story.

To ensure your wedding ring design is as easy and enjoyable as possible, there are a few things to consider:

1) Style

When considering the style that suits you best, think about the options available. There are simple bands, or glitzy wedding rings set with diamonds and gemstones or decorated with engravings. Once you’ve decided on the band, you need to choose a finish. Smooth is a popular choice, and so is brushed. Women tend to prefer an elegant smooth finish, whilst a brushed finish appeals to more men. If you’re unsure, browse through social media platforms, such as Instagram for real life inspiration. Scrolling a few times a day when you have a free minute can lend a helping hand in finding a design that resonates with you and you can choose specific details to add to your own ring. 

2) Wedding ring metals

Choosing the right metal for your wedding ring will be different and personal from person to person. Those drawn to cooler hues and silver toned jewellery will find platinum or white gold are great choices, and they will match with any existing day to day jewellery seamlessly. 

Yellow gold is the traditional choice when it comes to wedding rings, so if you and your partner are lovers of tradition, the warm toned metal type is the undisputed choice. Yellow gold is also timeless and suits all skin tones extremely well. Alternatively, rose gold is a great choice for those who want something a bit different, and also a great way to showcase a love for antique and vintage style. 

Finally, mixing metals is an increasingly popular choice. Blending metals like white gold and yellow gold not only adds a contemporary touch to your jewellery, but also allows any jewellery and outfit to compliment with it. 

3) Personal touches

By adding personal touches to your wedding band you can make it even more special. This can be anything from a hand engraved date or a handwritten quote delicately etched onto the inner or outer side of the ring. Each little detail of your wedding ring can be as significant and unique as you like it. 

4) Budget

Like every other detail of your wedding, having a budget to work with is hugely important. It will help make certain decisions much easier. Do some research on what your dream ring will cost, and bear in mind you will be wearing your ring forever after. If even after researching you can’t find your dream ring, then a bespoke design is inevitably the right path to go down. 

When we hear the word ‘bespoke,’ we often associate a hefty price tag with it, however this is far from the case. The truly great thing about a bespoke ring is that it can be designed to work around your budget, and you are able to specify exactly what you’re looking for and how much you are willing to spend. Therefore, you will achieve the ring of your dreams without any surprising cost.

5) Want to match your wedding ring & engagement ring?

Would you like your wedding ring to match your engagement ring exactly, or would you prefer each ring to subtly complement each other? Having each ring slightly different could help accentuate the other, bringing out the dazzling brilliant design of each piece. 

If you intend to stack your rings in this way, we advise that their metals complement each other, ensuring the toughness is the same, which will allow them to sit side-by-side without damaging one another. 

Alternatively, you can match your rings for a cohesive pairing. You even have the option to match your ring to your partner’s. This is often a popular choice amongst couples and you can also add your own creative flair to the rings. 

6) All about shaping

One of the most popular questions asked is ‘can I have a wedding band to fit my unique shaped engagement ring?’ The answer is simply, YES! With today’s exquisite craftsmanship you can choose a wedding ring to fit all engagement ring styles, from the alluring oval halo design to the stunning marquise solitaire. 

Your bespoke wedding ring can be designed to sit perfectly flush against your engagement ring, so do not panic.

7) Wedding rings vs eternity rings

There is no difference between the makeup of a wedding ring and an eternity ring, however, their symbolic meaning is different. A wedding ring has a single universal purpose and that is to mark the union between two people into marriage. An eternity ring can also represent more than one purpose, for example they can be gifted at special occasions in a person’s life, such as pregnancy or promotion. Both rings can be given during the exchanging of vows at a wedding, however if you want to make sure your ring is one or the other, there are steps you can take. 

For example, a conventional eternity ring usually has stones that feature all the way around the band of the ring. The stones will usually be placed closely so as to not show where they begin or end, thus gaining the name eternity. A traditional wedding band is usually a plain metal ring. This has historically been due to the fact that they are comfortable for everyday wear, as well as a continuously timeless look.

8) Think ahead

Lifestyle can play a huge role when choosing your desired wedding ring. The ring has to be made to last, so if you lead an extremely active life or work in a manually demanding job, then you may want to avoid having your wedding ring set with diamonds or gemstones. Or, if you prefer some glitz and glamour, you can opt for a channel set design rather than a claw setting. This way, your stones will stay in place and you are likely to cause less wear and avoid any lost stones. 

9) The full experience

There is nothing quite like having your wedding ring made just for you from start to finish. Being a part of the process from the get-go is a great memory to add to your love story and a moment you will look back on fondly. 

If you have any questions on how our bespoke jewellery service works, please do not hesitate to get in touch for more information and ideas. We look forward to helping you create the fantasy ring of your dreams.