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How to stack your rings like a pro!

Layering isn’t just for winter, and the hottest way to wear your rings right now is to stack them! The days of minimalism and less is more are long gone, and more is more jewellery has definitely taken its place. Stackable jewellery can still be great everyday wear too, Hollywood stars and influencers are showing that your jewellery can be bold and individual from day to night, and it is high time we followed suit.

How to stack your rings like a pro!

However, it can be tough to get right, be it wearing too few rings and it loses impact, or too many and it looks a little like you’re rifling through your mum’s jewellery box. Panic not, we’re on hand with 5 simple tips to ensure you rock the stacked look with careless ease and can get dressed in the morning without a second's thought. 

1) Mix Your Metals 

While once a faux pas, today’s best jewellery trends see metals mixed together for the perfect laid back look. Grab your yellow, rose gold, silver, and platinum rings together and experiment different layered looks on your fingers until you’re happy with it. Mixed metals look most chic when dispersed evenly with a mix of colours and styles across both hands. A great way to add continuity to your look is by making the rest of your jewellery, say earrings, a combination of mixed metals too. If you’re fairly new to the stacking game, try and buy rings from the same designer or brand, this way you’re able to tie your look together without really trying. 

2) Go For Neutral Stones 

Colour is huge at the moment with decades such as the 70’s and 90’s making huge waves in today’s trends, however, keeping a palette of colours that are complementary to each other will stop your jewellery game looking like christmas decorations. Opt for neutral stones that can go with any outfit and add touches of diamond and crystal to add interest and glamour to your look.

3) More Skin, Less Matchy 

When it comes to wedding bands and engagement rings, it is of course important to have cohesion, but when it comes to stacking, aim for the opposite! It is important when stacking that your rings don’t look like a set. Rather, you want to showcase some imbalance and disjointed style. This will help make it look more effortless and chic. Having some skin showing between pieces will give off a modern sense of style.

4) Keep It Simple 

Coco Chanel famously said that before you leave the house, remove one item of accessories or clothing to ensure you look as chic as possible. The same can be said when it comes to ring stacking. Leave your wrists bare for maximum impact and opt for just a single piece of neckwear that has a tonal match to your ring stack in some way. This is great for those who live by a minimalist code but still want their jewellery game to be on trend. Alternatively, stack on just one finger to keep your look simple and understated. It still adds intrigue to your look, but you’re able to stop yourself from going overboard. 

5) A Fine Balance

Jewellery trends go in cycles, and right now, the delicate, daintier rings are in style. These are also great when it comes to stacking as they look stylish and can transition to fit any outfit or occasion. That is not to say there can’t be a statement piece, like a ring from our unique Soleil Collection or our Riviera Collection. Adding one or two focal pieces to slimmer, and understated pieces is a showcase of style and understanding of mixing jewellery. 

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