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How to wear antique brooches

Brooches are considered to be one of the oldest types of jewellery, rich in history, lore and design. These intricate pieces are among the most ornate items you can own in your collection. Fabulous antique brooches have been passed down generations for centuries. They have been out of treasure trove jewellery boxes more times than can be remembered, and it is certainly time to take them out once again as they’re making something of a  comeback this Autumn! Paris Couture Week this summer has confirmed the return of the brooch and we are firm believers in showcasing eye-catching ornate jewellery pieces at any given opportunity! It’s all down to the way you style that beautifully crafted, intricate brooch that will ensure you look more vogue than rogue. Bejewelled brooches have a wealth of stones set within them, making for striking investment pieces. Extremely large and extravagant brooches are becoming the flavour of the season for the ultra-wealthy.  That treasured heirloom piece or impulse vintage buy can evoke tres chic, and we love that brooches have been popping up in the most unusual of places. Follow a few of our handy hints to ensure you make the most of your brooch. A white crisp shirt is a key item in any wardrobe, perfect for a work or casual weekend look. What better way to add understated glitz to this must-have staple than by adding a diamond embellished brooch?  The bright diamonds are offset fantastically by the crisp whiteness of the shirt. We love the combination of rolled up sleeves and an attached brooch as it reinvents the traditional shirt into an outfit perfect for after work drinks.   How to wear antique brooches     How to style a brooch     Our diamond and blue topaz flower brooch will complement this look perfectly.. The vibrant cornflower blue with diamonds and a white shirt are a match made in heaven. This stunning piece is crafted from 18 carat white gold which allows the stones to dazzle. Pin this brooch to one side of a folded sleeve and you will never have to worry about it falling down, making this brooch not only glamorous but functionalTopaz and Diamond Flower BroochAnother fabulous antique brooch shirt combination is to embellish your shirt pocket with a linear piece. The elongated brooch looks extremely flattering pinned onto the pocket and provides a great focal point, adding intrigue to your otherwise plain top.   how to wear an antique brooch An elegantly sleek Edwardian linear brooch is perfect for this look. Its beautiful design is embellished with vivacious deep-coloured rubies and diamonds on both sides. This brooch will never age, making it a timeless item to treasure forever.  Ruby and Diamond BroochWear with jeans We all love to throw on a pair of jeans, they’re perfect for everyday errands and pair perfectly with heels for a great evening look. The plain belt loops of jeans are an ideal place to pin your brooch. If you prefer wearing a skirt, then don’t worry, for this look can also stun when worn to the side of you skirt, creating a hip vintage vibe.   How to style antique brooches   How to style your antique brooch We love the idea of wearing brooches as a hairpiece. Why not try having your hair a little messy and tousled to prevent it from looking too done up? This look is not intended to evoke  a mistaken prom queen! Follow our handy hint; A half swept-up style embellished with a brooch will have you looking like a princess at a classy royal banquet. how to style your brooch how to style your brooch how to style your brooch This stunning garland brooch is a gorgeous hairpiece. The brooch exudes the glamour and style of the Victorian era and will accent tousled locks. Antique Diamond and Emerald Brooch   Brooches, like necklaces and rings, look great piled on. Aggrandise the shoulders of your winter coat with big embellished pieces, or try your button-up shirt with one brooch to the side.     How to style your antique brooch   Will you be wearing a brooch this Autumn? Image 1: Pinterest Image 2: Natalie Dressed Image 3: Pinterest Image 4: via Man Repeller Image 5: Pinterest Image 6,7,8: Pinterest Image 9 via Nordstrom