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It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Presents are being wrapped, chestnuts are being roasted on open fires, and jolly old Saint Nick will be checking his famous red outfit still fits in case he’s eaten one too many mince pies in the last 12 months.  That’s right, Christmas is upon us once again, and we at Browns are beginning to feel very festive indeed! Christmas is my favourite time of the year; it’s been magical since I was a child and I still love the magic and atmosphere of the build-up; drinking mulled wine with a Christmas film while the fairy lights on the tree sparkle in the corner.  Heaven.   And of course, most importantly, it’s a time for family, and love and laughter and joy ever after (as Sir Cliff might, ahem, sing).  With that in mind I thought it would be fun to do a blog post on our favourite Christmas engagement ideas (who doesn’t love a Christmas engagement!?); here are my top five.

At position 5


This festive bauble in disguise is genius. How would you ever know? The pretty bauble box can be presented at any time (just try and make sure the dog doesn’t decide to eat this one).


This might be a little chilly if we get a white Christmas! At number 4.


This is a gorgeous idea, just make sure you wear your thermals!  This kind of picnic needs some planning, it needs lots of candles and plenty of blanks and hot drinks, mulled wine and warm apple cider!  I think this looks gorgeous with the lanterns, although I’m thinking about putting on my woolly hat just looking at the photo!  How could anyone say no in such a romantic atmosphere?!  


The time I used to get up when I was a child on Christmas morning, and too excited to sleep.  3. (As you can guess my parents were delighted!!)


The indoor picnic! How cosy does this look, fairy lights, bunting and some tiny Christmas trees as well as being toasty and warm.

Jingle all the waying in at number 2


Ok, so having a much needed coffee is a delight in itself, particularly after all that Christmas shopping and carolling. So there you are, enjoying your back in from the cold and enjoying a steaming hot mug of caffeinated goodness and you get to the end of the cup, and hope there’s one final little mouthful to warm the cockles that little bit more, when…


Finally. 1st place.  This is it (don’t get scared now).


Who doesn’t love Love Actually?  How can you not?  From charming little Sam coming to terms with ‘the total agony of being in love’, to Colin Firth splashing around with the eels.  Hilarious, festive and joyous, all in 135 minutes.  My favourite scene is when Mark, recently rumbled by his best friends new bride as being in love with her, visits with a series of hand written signs.  Very romantic, and a fantastic way to ask someone to spend the rest of their life with you, the last card obviously saying ‘will you marry me’.   

So there we have it.  5 great ideas for how to propose to your most precious this Christmas.  And just remember, ‘love, actually, is all around!’