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Jewellery Trends to Look Out for in 2022

As 2022 dawns, a new year brings new beginnings and new trends in jewellery. The last year showed a shift in how we wear and view jewellery, especially with work from home becoming a norm, jewellery adapted to fit into everyday wear, with emphasis on fine, delicate jewellery, to elevate more casual outfits. Then, gen z began to reclaim the 90’s and early 2000’s aesthetic, gravitating towards colour, whether it be bold, neon, or pastel, as well as mood rings, resin pieces, and more recently clay jewellery. And now, with socialising becoming ever more frequent, and life slowly shifting back to a semblance of normal, designers and jewellers are ready to show us what we’ve been missing with brand new trends.

Jewellery Trends to Look Out for in 2022

So, here at Brown’s we have compiled a list of what to anticipate in the world of jewellery come the new year, and what is forecast to be the trending style. Read on to discover exactly what to look out for so you can make a start on your 2022 jewellery collection. 

Engagement rings 

For many, 2022 will bring special love and subsequently marriage, and with that comes engagement rings. Currently, oval cuts storm ahead as the most popular choice and it does not seem like 2022 will see much change. Celebrity proposals may have something to do with this too as 2021 saw style icon Kourtney Kardashian get engaged to Travis Barker. Kourtney’s ‘less is more’ style has captured the hearts of many women and her ring is no exception to her style tenets as she supports an elongated, oval diamond on a dainty pavé band. It is likely that minimalist designs like this will continue to trend into 2022, as many women are keen to have their wedding jewellery adapted into their current jewellery collections so they can be worn every day.

However, simple does not have to mean boring, as coloured gemstones are on the rise. This may have something to do with 90’s and early 2000’s style making a comeback in 2021. The influence of the early noughties style is transitioning into wedding jewellery, as unique gemstones such as sapphires, rubies, and emeralds are at the forefront of many women’s minds. It’s likely the new Princess Diana biopic, Spencer, has resurrected the desire for coloured stones as many get to see Princess Diana’s infamous blue sapphire ring circling the media again. 

Lab grown diamonds 

The popularity of lab grown diamonds is significantly increasing, especially with many striving to make changes in how they shop and consume fashion and jewellery. With sustainability at the forefront of many consumers’ minds, lab grown diamonds have proven to be as popular as they are beautiful.

Lab grown diamonds are ethically sourced, eco friendly and much more affordable than mined diamonds. They also have the same physical and chemical makeup of their mined counterparts, and so it is easy to see why there is such a fuss around them. Celebrities who have also caught onto the brilliance of lab grown diamonds include Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Zendaya and Meghan Markle, who are all influencing a shift in perceptions around the stone type. The list is expected to grow in 2022 so it is likely we’ll be seeing lab grown just as often as mined diamonds. 


Jewellery is an easy way to brighten up your outfit and outlook, and as we eagerly start to move towards a life post-lockdown, jewellery should aim to reflect this happier and brighter mood. Therefore, stacking is going to be big in 2022. This means stacking your rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. See it as an opportunity to give all your neglected jewellery an entry into the world again. Designers are taking inspiration from the streets of New York, to curate jewellery that reflects individuality and personality. Our New York Collection defines this style to a T and each unique piece has been curated to be worn together, helping you create your own signature stack.

The best thing about the stacking trend is there is no right or wrong way to do it, though a general rule of thumb is to keep within the same tones and colour palette for a seamless and effortless look, and add some spacing to give balance and harmony to your look. An easy way to start is, to begin with a focal piece, such as a pendant or bold hoops, then layer around that. Experiment with a few pieces until you find a look that you love and reflects your unique style.

Coloured stones

The desire for coloured stones in jewellery will travel into 2022. It is expected to be a prominent feature in jewellery, from necklaces to rings. Vibrant stones will colour mostly gold items and white gold items. An emphasis on asymmetrical jewellery will enhance the ornate and modern look coloured stones give. In necklace designs, stand alone pendants and wide detailed chokers are expected to prevail, while with earrings, rings and bracelets, rings will be designed with the aim to stack many coloured stones with others for bold, standout looks. Any chance you can lean into the colour this season, rest assured you will not regret it. 

90’s style

Amongst the standout jewellery trends to be seen on the catwalks in New York and London features 00’s nostalgia and 90’s era silhouettes. These trends were reflected in silver chains, sparkling chandelier earrings, colourful chunky bangles, whimsical beads, and choker necklaces. It is clear that 2022 still isn’t ready to let go of the iconic jewellery staples of the 90’s and 00’s, and we’re not complaining. 

The style trends taking place at the start of the millennium encourage a play on style and colour that lifts the mood and makes jewellery a focal point rather than just an accessory. So, it is clear that in 2022, nostalgia once again rules jewellery. 


2022 is the year the pearl revolutionises and takes centre stage after an almost decade long departure. When we think of pearls, we think back to the 20’s, an era of Gatsby-esque parties, flapper girls, and women dripping head-to-toe in the finest, lustrous pearls. That’s not to say the pearl hasn’t been appreciated up until now. They were seen on the runways back in fall/winter, and famously Harry Styles has rocked a beautiful pearl necklace for at least a year. However, the trend is really set to catch on in the coming year. 

We’ll be seeing elegant pearls decorating earrings, necklaces and bracelets. But, the twist this year is we’ll be seeing a lot of coloured pearls which will see a change from the classic white colour. Lavender pearls and other pastels will be the trend to get ahead on, with a focus on that all so popular 90’s style. 


The 70’s are unsurprisingly making a comeback next year, in the form of charm bracelets. As kids, charms were a sort of collector’s item that we’d clip onto our bracelets to showcase a friendship, memory or gift. Fast forward to 2022 and this trend is officially cool again.

Jumping on this trend will instantly put a nostalgic smile on your face, not to mention they actually look great. 

You will find an array of styles available to suit your new now modern, grown-up look. For example, yellow gold charm bracelets with dainty charms will elevate your look with a chic and glamorous touch. Or opt for chunky, colourful, statement pieces and bring some drama to your jewellery. Designers are certainly taking a major liking to this trend and so it won’t be long until you and your friends are trading and buying charms once again. 

Signet rings

Signet rings are set to be one of the biggest trends in 2022. They’ve already cropped up amongst the Gen Z crowd, with a warm, yellow gold being the ring of choice. Signet rings are a great way to add finer detail to any look. Whether you’re a novice to the jewellery game or an avid collector, everyone needs a signet ring. They’re most popularly worn on the pinky or index finger, and can be worn alone to let it speak for itself, or with stacks of simple rings to give your jewellery look depth without overpowering the detail of the ring. 

Be sure to invest in a signet ring next year, as they are staple pieces that never go out of style and are perfect for both the maximalist and minimalist. However, for 2022, the chunkier the better, but we’re sure you’ll be wanting to rock yours way beyond the year's end.

Zodiac jewellery 

Zodiac jewellery will be seeing a major increase in 2022. Over the last two years, intrigue in spirituality and astrology has risen, so it's no wonder that jewellery is reflecting this. Demand for zodiac jewellery is up, and necklaces are the favoured jewellery style of choice. They are a brilliant way to explore a unique world of self-expression, and wear jewellery that speaks to you and can be treasured forever. 

A great way to incorporate this trend is through layering necklace chains, and have one that features your zodiac sign for a discreet and understated look. Or take style inspiration from the likes of Hailey Beiber who sports a bold pendant necklace with her zodiac sign for a standout piece that can be worn day and night. 

Initial necklaces

The theme of personalisation continues with the surge of initial and nameplate necklaces set to make headlines in 2022. They are again a fantastic way to add a personal touch to your jewellery game, and also make for great gifts for loved ones. And with personalised jewellery on the rise, you can’t get more personal than your name. It is rather understandable considering the lack of personal connection we’ve all suffered over the last two years, so what better way to exert your personality back into the world with your initials adorning your jewellery. Opt for either gold chunky initial pendants, or delicate nameplates on a fine chain for styles that will see you through the year and beyond. 

You can shop all the latest jewellery trends at Browns Family Jewellers, for styles that will see you through the new year and remain staples in your collection forever. Shop now for exquisitely crafted jewellery. Alternatively, if you require further assistance, book a virtual appointment for expert advice from our concierge team.