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New Year – New us

The festive season has sadly come to an end, the Christmas decorations have been taken down and we have all struggled to get ourselves out of bed for the first day back at work.  While we do feel a bit melancholy in the office today, we are all looking forward to 2017 and are raring to go! This includes our New Year’s resolutions of course. New Year’s resolutions haven’t always had the highest success rate but here at Browns Family Jewellers, we do like the concept of taking time out to think of what we would like to achieve in 2017; and with a bit of willpower and dedication to the cause we’re confident we can succeed! New Year Resolution 7f472279e2bb3ededcbad4f7e13ff1cf We asked the team at Browns’ head office what their resolutions are and here’s what they had to say… Mike Reddington – Ecommerce Manager Mike doesn’t normally make resolutions as he, in his own words, ‘feels like they always get broken’. But this year he has decided to give up sugar in his coffee and has started well.  Small changes are a great way to start the new year. Putting your mind to something that is manageable can make a huge difference. This is a tricky one but we’re sure with time coffee will taste just as good without. Elaine Lilly – Director and Diamond specialist Elaine, like so many of us in the office, would like to lose a stone. Through healthy eating and exercise she is feeling dedicated. Tony Pugh will be joining Elaine in this endeavour and is already mixing up some delicious Nutribullet shakes for lunch. We think 2017 will be a healthy year for the office for everyone!     75136d997bdb2dbe82021153911bcd55 6b000614449db9f4d709b40324f9b191 Ebony Lawson – Creative Assistant Ebony is exhausted of public transport and has her eyes set on a gorgeous VW Beatle, so passing her driving test this year is key. Ebony is booked in to do the test in February and our fingers are crossed for her! This will be a massive success for the beginning of the year. Jessica Langstaff – Creative Assistant Jess has always been health conscious, often making us regret that extra biccie with our cup of tea. Jess has given up all sweets, biscuits and chocolate for the new year and going by past history we are absolutely sure she will smash her resolution this year. Go Jess!   Esther Myers – Office Manager Esther is getting married this year. She is going to make such a beautiful bride, and we can’t wait to see her gliding down the aisle in lace. Esther is on the wedding diet (not that she needs it) so she will also be drinking gallons of water. We are sure she is going to be glowing through 2017. Naomi Jenkinson – Creative Assistant and Content Editor Naomi has been busy gathering these resolutions and has actually made quite a few of her own! one that are easily achievable, such as making a new dish each month from a different country, (she’s particularly looking forward to the Vietnamese and Lebanese). Like most people, she will also be working on healthy eating and more squats will be a firm goal in 2017! Like Ebony, Naomi’s #number1 aim will be to learn to drive… she can do this! Positive mental Attitude (PMA) and organisation will be key in 2017. We would love to hear what your resolutions are this year, why not let us know via facebook!