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The best gemstones for summer

It is a proven fact that when we look at bright colours we instantly feel uplifted! Looking at warm bright colours; reds, yellows, oranges and pinks, release endorphins, known as dopamine, that instantly make us feel happier.   So we thought it was time to give our readers that extra punch of happiness and that feeling of summer without actually being in the sun. We have seen hints of the sunshine this summer but we certainly want more so let’s hope happy thoughts will help bring the good weather out! Beautiful copper tones like cognac and chilli powder, as well as mustard are going to be huge in 2017.  All these warm tones will help us feel warm inside, add a splash of antique cream and we will be in colour seven heaven. With the sun shining today and the temperature rising we have put a few of our favourite summer gemstones together to really help you get into the summer spirit. Vibrant reds and pinks Ruby is a great stone to wear in summer just like these juicy red fruits. Ruby instantly adds a hint of colour and attitude to any outfit. Red being a must have colour for 2016 has featured on some of the most prestigious catwalks, such as Vera Wang.  This is a colour not to miss! The red pinky hue also exudes empowerment. fruit-hd-wallpapers-19 Rubies have one of the highest per-carat price and is one of the most important gemstones in the market.  The strength of the rubies red hue depends on how much chromium is present in the stone; the more chromium the redder the ruby. THE ALICE DIAMOND 18 CARAT WHITE GOLD HALF ETERNITY RING Ruby and Diamond Loop shield Cluster Ring DIAMOND & RUBY CIRCLE PENDANT                         Peridot   Peridot has a fabulous glow to it, perfect for those summer days, and as the light captures the stone they dance. Mined from Zabargrad, a volcanic island in the Red Sea off the coast of Egypt, peridot originates from the mineral olivine and only develops in one colour, which is extremely rare for a gemstone.  The lustrous colour certainly makes everyone green with envy. Peridot reached its height of popularity in the Baroque period and is still in great use today. Nicknamed ‘the emerald of the evening’, this is the perfect stone to take away with you for those balmy holiday nights; match it with the elegance of French Rivera styling and you are certainly onto a winner. Tourmaline Bracelet Period and Diamond Cluster Rings                               Tourmaline This stunning jewel couldn’t be more perfect for summer. The sumptuous coloured tourmaline is extremely versatile in colour from orangey yellows to hot pinks and perfect clear sea blues, so you will certainly find a hue to suit.  This fabulous stone even comes in a watermelon hue, showcasing a bright Fuchsia colour which blends seamlessly into a peachy hue in the middle, with a stunning green to finish. So, if you were struggling to choose which colour to choose then this bailage allows us to have the best of both, and a bit in between. This gemstone is certainly mouth-watering.     Watermellon Watermelon Tourmaline                             We hope this blog has made you feel summery, lets hope the weather continues and we have a chance to wear these amazing vibrant juicy gemstones. Let us help you find the perfect summer stone for your style - call 0800 802 1772.