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The draw of Pre-Owned Rolex

Is that desire to wear a prestigious watch niggling? You can't get more prestigious than a Rolex! The Rolex watch market has never been so abundant, with many customers having to join waiting lists in the bid to find the perfect watch. Instead, why not widen your search to include the option of owning one of our fantastic and perfectly maintained pre-owned watches.

The draw of Pre-Owned Rolex

Thinking about buying a pre-owned Rolex for yourself, or as a gift? We’re here to help with a few handy hints to guide you on your way. 

Firstly, and probably the best news of all, is that if you do decide on buying a pre-owned Rolex you essentially can do no wrong (a bold statement indeed)!

The Advantages of buying a Pre-owned Rolex 


Rolex will always be a brand that is in demand, making a Rolex timepiece a lucrative investment. Buying a pre-owned Rolex watch in great condition will not only allow you to make a great initial saving, and if you maintain and care for your watch you can remain reassured of your watch's resale value. 


Popular pre-owned watches are immediately available, from Datejusts to Submariners, your watch will be with you the very next day. No need to join the extensive waiting list for your desired model to become available, which can take months, or even years to reach the front of. Buying pre-owned also allows you to scout models that have been taken out of production and have become increasingly rare, only to be found through the pre-owned market!

Financing Your Pre-owned Rolex Watch 

Many of our customers ask the question whether it is worth using finance on a Rolex watch purchase. Our answer would be absolutely! If buying a Rolex watch has been a dream of yours for years yet feels rather inaccessible then financing this special purchase is a great idea. The good news is that whilst paying off your watch month by month the resale value should be appreciating. 

Why Buy from Browns?

It can feel like there is a lot of choice when searching for your perfect Rolex, it is key to consider where you are buying your watch from. Authenticity is paramount with there being so many Rolex counterfeits around.  Buy from reputable online jewellers that provide documentation with their pre-owned Rolexes, this way you can rest assured that your new watch is the real deal without having to worry. With over 30 years experience in the Jewellery & Watch industry, our Watch Experts have carefully hand-selected and curated our pre-loved timepieces, coming complete with a Rolex box, their official papers, a 2-year Browns warranty plus a full service.

Now is it time to take the plunge for a Submariner?