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Topaz, November’s birthstone

Topaz is available in a wide variety of colours including rich hues of brown, yellow, yellow-gold, blue and orange. The most precious colour is the Imperial topaz. Untitled design (11)   Topaz was traditionally worn by heads of state in the medieval times, believed to promote wisdom and understanding in its wearer. It is also linked to a number of healing properties including resorting energy levels, breathing, and tissue regeneration. A topaz stone is one of the largest gemstones which has been found to date weighing 4.5785 kg which is the equivalent 22,892.5 carats and is kept at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C. It took two years to be fashioned by gem-cutter Leon Agee in the late 1980’s.   image007 Do you own any topaz Jewellery? If so we would love to see! Send us your photos for a feature.