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Trending jewellery designs and their designers

Jewellery can be described as an extra expression of ourselves. Unlike some animals, such as vibrantly coloured coral reef fish or the wonderful show of a peacock, we start off pretty plain and need a way of adding that flamboyant edge and a bit of sparkle. Adding extra adornments to our ensemble can make an outfit, that may have been rather forgettable, into something that will be memorable. As they say ‘adornments are the secret sauce of standing out’. Jewellery designers have allowed us to be even more creative in the way we look. Jewellery is a form of art and stunning craftsmanship that is simply magnificent. Jewellery designers have such vivid imaginations and are naturally experimental which makes them so great at what they do. Here are a few jewellery designers that are certainly catching our eye at the moment. Anita Ko Los Angeles based designer Anita Ko has been in the jewellery industry since 2006, and is certainly becoming a designer to keep an eye on.We often find ourselves lusting after her perfectly crafted pieces of dazzling jewellery on Instagram.  Ko is no stranger to featuring in some of the most acclaimed fashion magazines in the world such as Vogue, Harpers Bazaar and W magazine. She has adorned some of the world's most current fashionistas, such as Rosie Huntington Whiteley, Blake Lively and Rihanna.   One of our favourite pendant designs of hers has to be the piece that Rosie Huntington Whiteley is captured wearing regularly; her diamond drop pendant is to die for. We love the simplicity of her designs. Blake Lively’s flora and diamond ear cuff is also a really stylish touch. Her designs exude glamour; the twisted leaf ring set with a brilliant cut diamonds to the outer edges and baguette cut diamonds to the centre create the perfect leaf design; it’s absolutely perfect. Her show stopping emeralds have the wow factor, these big stones look fabulous when worn surrounded by diamonds. It feels unfair to pick out individual pieces though, We could wax lyrical about the whole collection (but we’re on a strict word count!). Anita Ko Trending Jewellery Anita Ko Trending Jewellery Jennie Kwon Jennie Kwon has been raised as an artist and classical violinist from a young age; you can certainly tell she has an artistic eye with the beautiful elegance incorporated into her designs. Her jewellery is the perfect balance of everyday minimalism and eye catching designs. Her modern, effortless and stylish designs are perfect for layering. Each piece is handcrafted in Los Angeles to the highest quality. Her designs are extremely intricate. The pieces layered are so eye capturing and we love the curvilinear designs against the more geometric pieces and slightly embellished bifurcating rings. These are a summer dream. Jennie kwon Trending Jewellery Jennie kwon Trending Jewellery Dana Lorenz Dana Lorenz, creator of Fallon, graduated from the University of Lowa as a painter and entered the fashion industry after working for the likes of Gucci and Donna Karan. Jewellery started as a hobby but, before she knew it, her designs were gathering a cult following. Her designs concentrate on trending, must-have pieces with perfectly formed chokers and earrings,featuring creamy pearls against bright white diamonds, and often floral designs. Her full diamond chokers are showstopping. The pierced decorated lace designs are around 5cm in width and fully embellished with diamonds. You will certainly be the belle of the ball with these designs. Dana Lorenz trending jewellery     Ruby Stella Beverly Hills ladies Ruby and Stella are savvy sisters, making jewellery for women like themselves. These girls are ambassadors for all conquering women and ladies who just want to treat themselves to some sparkle (amen). The sisters’ designs are extremely distinct and bold, modern costume jewellery featuring a lot of dazzle. Ruby and Stella’s designs are crafted from 14 carat solid gold and bright white diamonds to capture that much needed sparkle that we all desire. The collection is amazing quality and these designs are extremely punchy and modern. They could certainly be described as being fierce. We love their layered delicate pendants and convex design rings.  This duo definitely knows how to dazzle. Ruby Stella trending jewellery Ruby Stella trending jewellery   Doris Hangartner Jewellery designer to the stars, Doris Hangartner certainly knows how to create those one off bespoke jewellery pieces that will always wow.  Hangartner doesn’t just think about the aesthetics; her new collections concentrate on her customers really getting a feel and sense for her designs, and she has even branched out to producing perfumes that have been made to smell like coloured gemstones. How unique! We would love to see what scent represents that of a sapphire. Her designs feature the highest quality of gemstones with the most vibrant and vivacious of gems, and eye catching coloured diamonds.  Her passion for jewellery started after she finished a gemmology degree. Her Paraiba tourmaline ring has been one of our favourites, encrusted with bright white diamonds and small tourmalines around the feature cabouchon tourmaline; a little piece of heaven. Doris Hangartner trending jewellery   Who is your favourite designer at the moment?  We would love to know! Images 1,2  (@anitakojewelry) • Instagram photos Images 3,4 (@jenniekwondesigns) • Instagram photos Image 5 (@fallowjewelry) • Instagram photos Images 6,7 (@rubystella) • Instagram photos Image 8 pinterest Feature image (@anitakojewelry) • Instagram photos