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Update your jewellery accessories this fall

Here at Browns family jewellers we are always interested in what is going to be on trend for the new season. So, with autumn well and truly here I found myself sitting on the train reading one of my favourite fashion magazines, Look, and thinking about the winter coats in my wardrobe and what jewellery pieces would be essential to update my look for the next season. A friend recently gave me a book entitled ‘How to be a Parisian’ as a gift; it’s a very entertaining read and advises that if you want to be as fashionable as the locals wandering the Champs Elysee the key is to keep the clothes simple and let jewellery add the je ne sais quoi.  With that advice at the back of my mind, and inspiration gleaned from my magazine I started my hunt for the perfect wardrobe updater. I was very happy to find that pearls are a staple for my autumn/winter, they make every outfit look so polished and sophisticated.  Pearls have an incredible beauty, it fascinates me how the pearl is naturally formed and I find the lustre of a pearl enthralling, every pearl is unique and they really do vary. The catwalks in the magazine were full of strutting pearl adorned models.   Fall Jewellery   How gorgeous is the pearl and bow look? This oozes that Chanel style and is a great way to update your look this autumn.   image007 I particularly love the pendant above from our collection at Browns. This piece would look great with a white shirt. Another big trend that I will certainly be following will be wearing multiple rings. I have been a huge fan of the layering trend now for a while now; layering delicate necklaces has been one of my favourite ways to accessorise this summer in my eyes the more jewellery the merrier.  Winter 2015 will be all about the layered ring.  To get the trend right wear multiple rings on the same hand, you can even buy the same ring twice and wear them together and it looks great! You could always follow in the footsteps of Gucci’s and layer Art deco rings up. This trend really makes a statement think high impact. Fall Jewellery 2   If you wearing any of these styles at the moment or you’re going to try them now, please send us a photo - we would love to see!