Emeralds have such a vivid colour which have been loved since they was discovered with the oldest emerald dating to be around 2.97 billion years old. Each emerald is unique as the colour of them can differ massively as well as the inclusions and structure of the gem. The most sought after emerald colours range from a blueish green through to pure green, with a tone that is not too dark. With an emerald the main factor is to have a vivid green, too dark or too light have lost quality of the gem.

Chromium, iron and vanadium are the elements which combine to create the colour of an emerald. Each individual quantity of each of these elements determine the colour of the green gem. It has been said that the mining location of an emerald effects its appurtenance and colour.

Understandably the most popular cut for an emerald is the emerald cut after the name of the gem. The stone is extremely transparent which outlines its angular columns perfectly complimenting this specific cut.

There is so much history and legend behind the emerald that its stories are some of magic and beauty. Cleopatra had an undying passion for emeralds, and Egypt is the earliest known location of emerald mining. The mine which Cleopatra acquired was rediscovered in 1817, however due to its extensive mining in early history the emerald supply had been exhausted.

An emerald is an exceptionally soft gem stone which means it is not advised to be worn as an engagement ring. Instead this stone is the perfect partner with diamonds on an eternity or trilogy ring or a captivating centre piece to a dress ring. 

Emerald Jewellery