What colour is an opal? Well, this is something which cannot be decided on. An opal has a vibrant spectrum of colours each of which can be found in other precious gems which lead the Romans to believe an opal to be the most precious stone of all. Every opal is different, its colours, shapes and reflections which make them such a unique and special gem to obtain.

The opal is representative of the birth month October along with tourmaline. This gem was a symbol of hope to the Ancient Romans which was the spread amongst other cultures. The people of the orient also believe that an opal was a sign of hope and christened it the ‘anchor of hope’. Today the opal has a stunningly delicate belief to be the symbol of faithfulness and confidence.

Due to the colour of the opal there are so many stories and legends behind it, each trying to understand the meaning of it and its delicate bursts of colour. It was believed that the wearing an opal would make you invisible also that it had healing powers which would protect the eyes and the wearer from diseases. Needless to say that the reasoning for wearing an opal today is a little less mystical and more desirable. Opals are a fashionable gem today and can be worn with such ease and is beautifully paired with any precious metal.

Opal is created by two elements which are, silicon dioxide and water which are mixed together to make a solution. As water runs down through the earth it picks up silica and the solution then settles into cracks within the earth. It is for this reason that an opal contains up to 20% water which has been trapped within its silica structure. The majority of the world’s opals are found within Australia in which they can be mined in the depths of the outback.

If goes without saying that the opal is as popular today as throughout history and a gem which has a desire to dazzle.