Being the only gemstone in the entire world to have formed from living animals, pearls are simply rare treasures of the ocean and like the ocean pearls are a beautiful mystery - shimmering, captivating and one of nature’s most beautiful natural creations.

The collection of pearls has been around for over 4000 years and their unique colours originate from the inner elements of the shells ranging from ivory to black, purple to pink and even gold. Every single pearl on earth is distinct, each and every one has its own individual characteristics and they all have imperfections – making every pearl irreplaceable.

There is such a huge variety of pearls such as cultured pearls which come from Oysters as well as saltwater pearls (also known as the Akoya pearls). Freshwater pearls are collected from mussels however all the mollusks are capable of forming pearls.  

Pearls date back to 520 BC the year when the first pearl jewellery was ever discovered found in the sarcophagus of a Persian Princess at her rest. There are many myths of the mysterious pearl such as they were the tears of the Gods that fell from the sky when Dragons fought and the legend of Cleopatra VII, that in order to flaunt her affluence she bet her lover that she was more than capable of spending 10 million sesterces (ancient Roman coins) on a single meal. The outcome was that Cleopatra VII only had to dissolve one of her pearl earrings in her cocktail and drink it. Not only do we have a Persian Princess, Dragons who fought and Cleopatra VII drinking cocktails containing pearls, but in 1916 one of world’s most notorious jewellers known as Jacques Cartier was able to purchase his 5th Avenue store in New York using just only TWO pearl necklaces.

The most natural pearls are found in mollusks with two shells like an Oyster, finding the rarest and most natural pearls is very difficult and as wide and as vast as the Ocean is, pearls are found in one of every 1000 mollusk with only 5% of them actually being natural, which is why the beauty of the pearl is so magical.

Today, most pearls are cultured pearls meaning that an irritant is implanted within the oyster to mimic the natural process in which a pearl is formed, this is done so that the Oysters are not harmed and is known at periculture which is the modern method of pearl farming. 

Pearl Jewellery