The peridot is a gorgeous green gem which comes in a various array of shades. The colour of this stone ranges from a bright lime green through to those with a brown tone. It comes as no surprise that the majority of admirers of this gem choose the vivid iridescent greens as opposed to the less striking browns.

Peridot; the gem stone which represents August birthdays. The magical stories behind the peridot are that of power and enchantment. The stone is said to bring power to whomever may wear it and present healing and protective powers. Whether you choose to believe these stories or not its enchanting colour of this gem is sure to dazzle.

The first peridots date back to being as old as 4.5 billion years old which puts them close to the age of the earth. These delicate gems are evidence left from the creation of our solar system. Further discoveries of the peridot have also been found in outer space which confirm that they are remains from the start of earth’s time. The spacecraft Stardust bought material back from comet dust which contained peridot.

There is one main component which features in the creation of peridot and that is Olivine. This compound is found in the Earth’s upper mantle where the gem, like diamond is created. Over time the peridot is then pushed towards the surface due to volcanic or tectonic movement.

The peridot's colour and immaculate facets make it incomparable. For a gem such as this with character, unique beauty and a captivatingly natural design the need for it is undying.