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Pre-Owned Rolex Watches

The Rolex brand is synonymous with timepiece excellence, luxury and style. Whether you’re a first time buyer, collector, or simply looking to invest in a luxury timepiece, buying a pre-owned Rolex is the right way to go. You’ll discover a range of Rolex models in our collection, including Datejust, Submariner, Air-King and Oyster Perpetual watches. Shop the full range of pre-owned Rolex watches for a timepiece that will remain a staple in any watch collection.

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    Financing opens up a world of possibilities for obtaining the Rolex watch of your dreams. That’s why at Browns Family Jewellers, we offer up to 12 months 0% interest-free credit for all of our pre-owned Rolex watches, as well as longer interest-bearing payment plans for up to 36 months. Enjoy the mark of prestige that is Rolex in our collection. Our pre-owned timepieces combine the high standards of Swiss watchmaking with the premium quality of the brand, resulting in some of the world’s finest watches in both design and functionality - all available through a payment method that works for you. Learn more

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Every Rolex watch is an undeniable symbol of status. Discover the most sought-after pre-owned Rolex watches in our collection.

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About Rolex 


Since its establishment in 1905, Rolex has since become a luxury symbol of status. The brand’s commitment to remarkable precision and innovative design has also lent it the honour of being worn by soldiers and pilots around the world. At Browns Family Jewellers, we’re proud to offer a timepiece that is still known to this day for aesthetic appeal, innovation, and prosperous heritage. Our stunning collection of pre-owned Rolex watches is available for both men and women, from classic silver stainless steel to champagne faced, 18-carat gold styles. 


Why buy a pre-owned Rolex?


Rolex remains a highly sought after watch brand, desired by collectors, sportsmen, and watch aficionados alike. Watches have become a symbol of luxury lifestyle as well as exquisite style, and buying pre-owned offers huge advantages over buying brand-new.


When thinking of buying a Rolex, you’re likely going to approach the situation as an investment. Therefore, buying a used Rolex may not only be a safe investment for now, but also a lucrative one for the future. What’s more, your watch will be ready to collect immediately when bought second-hand, whereas new Rolex retailers or concessionaires have waiting lists that may have you on hold for years, depending on the model. 


Although, the most obvious benefit of buying pre-owned, is that your chances of finding a Rolex model that is rare or exclusive are much higher. Therefore, you have the opportunity to acquire a watch that will give you a huge return on your investment. 


Browns’ collection of used Rolex watches 


Rolex, the true classic. If you were to ask any watch enthusiast, they would assure you that you cannot go wrong with a Rolex. 


Therefore, our collection of Rolex watches is forever changing, with the desired timepieces often quickly sold and new additions eagerly anticipated. Our collection comprises a number of notable Rolex watch families, including the coveted Submariner, Datejust, Oyster Perpetual, Explorer II and Air-King lines. 


Within each collection, you can expect used Rolex watches in good condition, as our experts examine and handpick every model. As well as undeniable quality, with every pre-owned Rolex purchase you get:


  • Fully serviced wristwatch 
  • Official papers 
  • 2 years Browns warranty 
  • A watch presentation box




How to buy a pre-owned Rolex?

When buying a pre-owned Rolex, we understand there might be some hesitation regarding the authenticity and value for money, considering the used condition. Therefore, it is vital that you choose a reputable retailer, such as Browns Family Jewellers, which has years of experience and countless customer testimonials that you can trust.

While you can purchase a pre-owned Rolex watch online, we recommend talking to our experts to ensure complete confidence in your investment. For this reason, we offer both virtual and in-person consultations, and our expert concierge team can also be contacted via phone, email and Whatsapp, where they can share details and images of your Rolex of choice before completing your order. 

You can buy a number of pre-owned Rolex watches from our website or in-store at Browns Family Jewellers. We stock a range of designs and models, for men and women, that come from previous ownership, and are available to view online, in a virtual consultation or in-person by visiting one of our stores. Browse a vast array of Rolex watches and find one that suits you, whether a first time buyer or collector.

Do pre-owned Rolex watches hold their value?

The advantage of buying a pre-owned Rolex, compared to other brands, is that a Rolex watch retains its value even after use. The reason why Rolex watches hold their value is due to their quality that far exceeds many other brands, the craftsmanship, and also that each model is made in far and few quantities, giving them exclusivity.

What papers should come with a pre-owned Rolex?

When buying a pre-owned Rolex watch, it is important that official papers and documentation are provided, in order for you to be sure of its authenticity. Therefore, each of our pre-owned Rolex watches come with a Certificate of Authenticity with details of the watch’s model number, unique serial number and date of original purchase.

Why should you buy from Browns?

All of our pre-owned Rolex watches are genuine and include official papers. They also arrive in a complimentary presentation watch box and are fully serviced and valeted. What’s more, we offer a 0% APR finance payment option, 2 years warranty and free delivery. Our expert concierge team is also on hand to answer any queries you may have before completing your purchase and can arrange in-person and virtual consultations for complete confidence in your investment.