Discovered in 1967 in Tanzania, one of the many beautiful countries in Eastern Africa the tanzanite gemstone is the newest addition to the gemstone family. Famous for its vast open stretches of land and wilderness, Eastern Africa is the only place that the Tanzanite gemstone can be found.

Exclusive to the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, the tanzanite gemstone possesses one of nature’s rarest and finest minerals – ones found deep inside the deep blue and violet hues of the tanzanite gemstone.

Due to their extraordinary colour and finite availability, with Tanzania being the only source to date, the tanzanite gemstone is extremely rare and expensive. The most exclusive tanzanite retains vivid hues at grade AAAA and are internally flawless at grade IF.

Marking the month of December tanzanite it is the birthstone of those born under the Sagittarius star sign and has been since 1912, and not only is it known for its vibrant violet hues and bold icy blues, but it is one of the many great legends in Africa; the Maasai claim they bring good fortune to those who wear them.

The beauty of the tanzanite gemstone is that it deceives the human eye, depending on which angle you look at it the stone may appear purple, blue or even brownish-yellow – its deep blue colour surrounded by delicate blushes of purple is the most coveted colour. With Tanzanite being a very popular stone especially with celebrities, it first very famously appeared in the Titanic in which Kate Winslet is captured wearing one.

As we continue to adore the raw beauty of the Tanzanite it continues to get rarer by the minute, it is already one thousand times rarer than Diamond and it is formed by a unique geological phenomenon that has less than a million to one chance of re-occurring.

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