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A guide to choosing the right necklace length

Whether it’s a charming set of pearls, a pretty pendant or a special family heirloom, a necklace is a wonderful accessory to brighten up any outfit.  

When it comes to choosing a necklace, it’s important to identify the right length for you, taking your face, neck and also outfit into consideration. This guide will help you discover a length that complements these things and makes you feel your best. 



A collar necklace is 13 to 15 inches in length and fits firmly around the neck. This type of necklace works beautifully when worn with an open-necked ensemble such as scoop necks, v-necks, off-the-shoulder and boatnecks. A collar necklace is a charming length that will look beautiful on a longer neck, being worn as part of a casual look or as an accessory for a special occasion or party. 


A choker necklace is between 15 and 17 inches long and is worn firmly against the base of the throat. It’s a popular fashion choice, especially as it goes with just about everything. A choker, however, is best suited to those who are graced with a long, thin neck, known as a ‘swan neck’. When a choker is worn on a shorter neck, it can give the illusion that the neck is shorter than it is. It is also important to think about the shape of your face. A choker will compliment a heart-shaped face, as well as a rectangular face, however, it’s best to avoid a choker if you have a rounder face. 

We have a wonderful selection of choker necklaces, including a range from Daisy London for those who appreciate spirituality and chic design, as well as more classic designs from Calvin Klein. 


A princess necklace is 17 to 19 inches in length and sits delicately on the collarbone. It’s another popular choice due to its ability to go with just about every outfit, especially high and crew necklines, as well as complimenting a plunging neckline. If you prefer to wear pearls, the princess length is the most popular and historically the most common. When choosing a necklace’s length, it’s also important to factor in your height. It’s recommended that if you’re 5’4” or shorter, a necklace that sits on your collarbone is likely to be the most flattering. 


A matinee necklace is 20 to 24 inches in length, sitting classically between the collarbone and the bust, and is suitable for both business and casual wear. A matinee necklace is perfect for elegantly elongating the neck, making it appear more ‘swan like’, and an eye-catching pendant will make it even more flattering, drawing the eye down the torso. 


An opera necklace is between 28 and 37 inches in length, which falls gracefully on the bust or a couple of inches below. This style will look beautiful paired with a high neckline or evening wear. This necklace can be worn as a large single strand or doubled up to create a stylish two-strand choker style necklace. Knotting this necklace at the bust is also a popular option for a vintage look. 


A rope necklace is anywhere between 37 and 60 inches in length and can be wrapped to sit on or just below the centre of the chest. This necklace can be worn beautifully doubled or tripled as part of elegant business attire or with an evening gown. Long necklaces are usually a great option if a turtleneck is one of your wardrobe staples. This necklace can even be worn as a stylish spin on the 1920s flapper girl look, especially if its a string of pearls. 

Top tips   

For a quick way to figure out the perfect necklace length, measure the extended length of the necklace you wear most often, as it’s likely to naturally be the most flattering and comfortable for you. 

Another way to estimate your ideal length is to think about your whole body, from the shape of your face to the size of your chest and your height. Most importantly focus on the length and width of your neck. As a rule, longer necks suit most styles but shorter necks need a little more consideration. 

Lastly, it’s important to remember that there are always exceptions as to what will suit different necklines, as well as how the pendant or chain itself will be showcased most effectively. Standing in front of the mirror and seeing how you feel about various lengths is a good way to identify what’s right for you. 

Don’t forget, we’re here to help find the right necklace length, pendant or style for you, so don’t hesitate to get in touch or pop into your nearest store.