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Perfect gifts for new mums

‘Push presents’, given by fathers to their partners to celebrate the birth of their child, is now an established tradition in the UK, with over a quarter of new mums expecting or receiving one. An eternity ring has historically been the most common gift, but in recent years this has expanded to include many other types of gifts, including handmade or personalised items that have strong sentimental value. "Whilst Mums are becoming more vocal about push presents, this trend also shows a shift in Dads' understanding around the huge physical and emotional changes that their partner has been through. Whilst having a baby is the ultimate present, many Dads want to show how proud they are of their new family and all that Mum has been through with a special gift."” says Sarah Barrett, Managing Editor of BabyCentre, a website for new and expecting mums.   As with many other trends, celebrities have been leading the way when it comes to ‘push presents’, with a few notable examples of elaborate gifts to mark this momentous occasion: David and Victoria Beckham: On the birth of their longed-for daughter Harper in 2011, David is reported to have given not one, but two custom-designed necklaces – one for his wife and the other for their little girl. The necklaces fit together to represent the bond between mother and daughter. Jay Z and Beyonce: When their first child Blu Ivy was born in 2012, Jay Z is rumoured to have gifted his wife with an extra special blue Tanzanite ring. He picked the stone because of its distinctive blue colour, which is linked to the baby's name of course. beyonce-celebrity-push-present Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban: Following the birth of her first daughter with husband Keith Urban, Faith, Nicole Kidman received a diamond-encrusted Cartier trinity ring. After their second child, Sunday, was born, Nicole reportedly received a diamond-and-emerald cross. Adele and Simon Konecki: Adele and Simon Konecki’s baby boy Angelo arrived in 2012 and she is reported to have been given a gorgeous gold Buddha necklace as a memento to mark the occasion. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony: When twins Max and Emme were born, Marc is said to have shown his appreciation with a canary yellow diamond ring and custom diamond earrings engraved with the tots’ initials. ennifer_lopez_push_present                         Gift ideas If you’re looking for a present for the mother of your child to show her just how much you care, you’ve come to the right place! Here are a few of our favourites, which she’s sure to treasure forever as a memento of this extra special time in your lives. Yellow sapphire and diamond half eternity ring £1250 https://www.brownsfamilyjewellers.co.uk/jewellery-c9/yellow-sapphire-and-diamond-half-eternity-ring-p809 yellow-sapphire-and-diamond-half-eternity-ring yellow-sapphire-and-diamond-half-eternity-ring-p809-3385_zoom                         This gorgeous princess cut diamond and sapphire ring contains beautiful and unusual yellow gemstones. Yellow is traditionally associated with spring and rebirth, which is ideal to celebrate the arrival of new life. Engraved oval locket £75 https://www.brownsfamilyjewellers.co.uk/jewellery-c9/pendants-chains-c14/engraved-oval-locket-p422   engraved-oval-locket-push-present engraved-oval-locket                       A beautiful engraved locket is a wonderfully personal gift for a new mum, since you can personalise it with a photo of the baby inside and engrave a special message that she’ll want to treasure forever and perhaps pass on as an heirloom later on.   White gold diamond cluster stud earrings £645 https://www.brownsfamilyjewellers.co.uk/jewellery-c9/white-gold-diamond-cluster-stud-earrings-p292   white-gold-diamond-cluster-stud-earrings white-gold-diamond-cluster-stud-earrings       These spectacular white gold earrings have a distinctive design reminiscent of classic Hollywood glamour – an ideal way to make her feel special at a key moment in her life. Diamond stone set necklace £1395 https://www.brownsfamilyjewellers.co.uk/jewellery-c9/necklaces-c13/diamond-stone-set-necklace-p12606   diamond-stone-set-necklace   You can’t get more show stopping than this necklace with 13 graduating, brilliant cut diamonds set within a crescent design. If you really want to take her breath away, this gift will absolutely do it. If you want to talk more about choosing a special gift for your partner then speak to one of our experts on 0800 802 1772 Image 1, 2 and feature image curtesy of Getty Images