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What To Look For When Buying A Second Hand Rolex Watch.

What To Look For When Buying A Second Hand Rolex Watch.

Second hand or Pre-loved Rolex watches have become an increasingly popular option for those looking for their dream Rolex. The lack of wait list and years of anticipation waiting for their watch to be available makes a pre-loved watch a great option. But where do you start? In this blog we will discuss advantages, what to look out for and why Browns is here to help every step of your purchase.

Advantages of buying a second-hand Rolex

The advantages of buying a second-hand or pre-loved Rolex can often outweigh buying a new one. Price is often one of the biggest selling points, as often you can find a Rolex that’s in pristine condition, and at a fraction of the price of buying a new one from a retailer

For example, buying new from a retailer could mean you are put on a waiting list before you can even buy, and then acquire the watch. So, when you buy pre-loved, you get your watch within a few working days.

What should you look for?

There are however, a few things you should be cautious of when buying a pre-owned Rolex due to the many swindlers out there who love to give people a run for their money.


When you’re looking at a second hand Rolex, always ensure the watch has proper and official documentation with it that can confirm its credibility. You should always buy a Rolex that comes with official papers where possible. All Browns watches come with their original Rolex paperwork (unless stated otherwise).

Serial number checks

Every authentic Rolex will have a unique serial number consisting of 4-8 characters. These can be a variation of just numbers, or a letter followed by a series of numbers - it depends on the specific model and year of the watch.

Forgers will always try and replicate a serial number on fakes, therefore you should check that the serial number on your Rolex matches that of the one in the documentation.

Our watch expert of over 30 years checks each Browns watch against their original documentation. The watch is then sent for a full service at one of our trusted watch houses.

Pay attention to the watch’s condition

The watch's condition should be easy to gauge. If you’re buying a watch purely based on sentimentalism or for the sake of collection, then you may not be too concerned by whether or not the watch is in working condition. However, if you’re planning on buying a Rolex to be used everyday, then you’ll require a watch that has no significant damage.

Every Browns watch is examined during its service and polished to give our customers the highest quality in pre-loved Rolex.

Is the seller reputable?

The best way to get what you’re looking for from a second-hand Rolex, is by buying from a reputable retailer. While this can be more challenging when buying online, you should pay close attention to trust signals, such as reviews from previous customers. As a family run business and a proud holder of a 4.8* trust pilot rating, we can assure our customers we are a company you can trust.

Here at Browns, we specialise in both buying and selling second hand Rolex watches, and our in-house experts take measures to ensure every watch that we receive is 100% authentic.

Along with the official documentation and a full service on arrival with us, we offer a two year guarantee for extra peace of mind.

Browse our complete collection of pre-owned Rolex watches online today, or contact our team for advice or answers to any other questions you may have about our pre-owned watches.

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