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Should I Choose A Yellow Gold Or White Gold Engagement Ring?

Should I Choose A Yellow Gold Or White Gold Engagement Ring?

Starting the journey to find the perfect engagement ring can be filled with feelings and questions the first being: Where do I start? A good starting point is deciding on which metal best works for you or your partner. In this blog we will help you reach a decision so you can choose an engagement ring for you or your partner that will last throughout your perfect love story.

Yellow gold engagement rings

When we think of ‘gold’, images of the yellow variety instantly spring to mind. Yellow gold jewellery has had a huge jump in popularity recently, and for stylish brides-to-be with a penchant for all things eye-catching, there simply is no comparison. It is a metal type that has proved popular since its early discovery and the beauty of this metal has much to do with it.

The warm tones of the yellow gold compliment any skin tone and offer a timeless elegant look. Yellow gold is made up by mixing pure gold with other metals such as silver, copper, nickel, zinc, and palladium. From these metals, yellow gold possesses the highest concentration of copper which is what gives the metal its yellow-gold colour. Alloying the pure gold with other metals is what makes it durable and long-lasting which is always ideal for engagement rings.

A yellow gold engagement ring is also perfectly suited to any bride, from the minimalist, maximalist and lover of traditional, to the vintage obsessed. Diamonds and precious stones such as red rubies and green emeralds look incredible set with yellow gold rings as the finish is warm and bright which really enhances the bright stone colours.

For those who seek traditionalism in their wedding jewellery, look no further than yellow gold. Its beautiful vintage aesthetic makes it a timeless choice and adds a classic touch, for an engagement ring that oozes glamour and makes for a perfect heirloom to pass through generations.

If Yellow gold seems the perfect choice for your partner find our full collection below. Don’t see the ring you want in yellow gold? Our team would be happy to help.

White gold engagement rings

White gold is a continuously popular choice for engagement rings as the metal type is so versatile and suits every skin tone beautifully. It has a timeless, clean style that pairs perfectly with white diamonds as well as gemstones such as aquamarine and sapphire. It is a great choice for any bride-to-be seeking an elegant look and wants to showcase the brilliance of the diamond. White gold is naturally champagne in colour and then is coated with a member of the platinum family called rhodium.

Rhodium coating does start to wear off over time often between 6-18 months depending on the person wearing it. The positives of having the rhodium coating is that it can be reapplied at a relatively low cost, the ring then comes back looking almost brand new again. When considering white gold consider what your partner does for work, for example: Do they work in an industry where their hands will be in and out of chemicals such as a hairdresser? You may find that the rhodium fades a lot faster in industries such as this. Rest assured there is another option for that white metal look – Platinum may be the perfect option for you.

White gold, like yellow gold, is made up of pure gold that is mixed with other alloys to give pure gold its hardness and robustness so that it can be moulded into jewellery. White gold specifically, is made from pure gold mixed with alloys such as palladium, nickel and zinc. These metals not only assist in giving white gold its silvery tone but help make it a metal that will last the test of time. Perfect for your forever ring.

What is the difference?

It is important to remember that whether choosing the warm tone of yellow gold or the cool tone of white gold there is no difference in the structure of the metal. Gold in its natural form may be a softer metal but through years of expertise the alloys are now of a quality where this is not something you have to worry as much about.

When looking take into consideration whether your partner tends to wear more yellow or white metals in their everyday jewellery, this can be a great indication on which metal to choose. Has your partner sent any pictures as hints? Often, they will gravitate towards the metal colour they prefer also.

Whichever you choose the ring you decide on will be the one that best suits you or your partner's unique personality and style. Overall, both white and yellow gold rings will give you a timeless ring that will last a lifetime.

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