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What’s The Ideal Carat Size For A Diamond Engagement Ring?

What’s The Ideal Carat Size For A Diamond Engagement Ring?

Whether buying in store or online you may have noticed that picking your dream ring can often involve receiving a host of information. We understand that it can be an overwhelming process and hope this blog can help answer one of our customers most asked questions: What’s the ideal carat size for a diamond engagement ring?

What is a diamond carat?

The term ‘carat’ is one of the many terms that comes with shopping for diamonds. Oftentimes people don’t really understand what carat means and how it can influence what diamond you buy. Simply put, carat refers to the unit of measure for a diamond’s weight.

Size and carat are not always synonymous with each other. Just because a diamond is larger than others, does not always mean its carat weight is larger. The way the stone is cut can often play a key part in the size of the diamond, a 1.00ct stone that is cut in ideal proportion may appear one size whereas a 1.00ct diamond that is cut much shallower may appear bigger in size. At Browns we select diamonds that have high quality cuts to ensure the best sparkle and quality for our customers.

How are diamond carats measured?

As you now know, diamonds are measured by their weight rather than the actual size of them. 1 carat is equal to 0.2 grams, and each carat is divided into ‘100 points’. So, when your jeweller described the weight of a diamond as 0.25 or ¼ of a carat, they are measuring against these 100 points.

Is a bigger carat better?

It is important to keep in mind the overall look you would like to have. Do they wear more refined styles and steer away from sparkle? Or are they likely to want the standout wow factor a larger diamond can afford? We have a wide selection of stunning rings to fit every style and any budget.

When selecting your diamond consider not just cut but the other properties of the diamond as well, you may have heard the phrase “4 C’s” in your search. This refers to the cut, colour, clarity and carat, each of these play an important part of picking your stone. If you go straight into searching for the biggest carat for your budget, you may also be compromising the clarity of your diamond for example. You can at times find a higher clarity diamond in a smaller carat weight meaning more sparkle! Each Browns engagement rings diamond is selected to give the customer the best diamond possible within their budget, something that you and your partner will love always.

Lab grown diamonds are an excellent choice for those who want the size that comes with a higher carat weight as well as the higher qualities. Lab grown diamonds are visually and chemically the same as a mined diamond but often lower in price.

Remember, the most important aspect to any engagement ring is the thought behind it. Our experts are on hand and ready to help find the perfect carat weight for you.

Pros and cons of big and small carat sizes

There are many pros and cons to buying either a big or small carat size diamond. We have complied some pro’s for each size to help make the best decision for you.

Here are some of the pros of choosing a small carat size:

  • A smaller carat weight will work with most price ranges.
  • Opting for a smaller carat weight can often allow you more options in your price range for different clarity and colour.
  • Creates an elegant and understated look
  • May be a better choice for those who live active lifestyles and want to wear their engagement ring all the time.

Here are some of the pros to buying a larger carat diamond:

  • Larger mined diamonds are rarer and more desirable, so if exclusivity is your thing, then a larger carat diamond may be the way to go.
  • Larger mined diamonds will hold their value making them an investment and the perfect start ti a family heirloom.
  • They make for extremely elegant rings and are without a doubt a showstopper, especially on an engagement ring.
  • Lab Grown diamonds can offer larger carat weights at a great price range and quality.

However, there is no right or wrong choice. The ideal carat size for you will come down to personal preference. Choose the diamond that you will cherish forever.

How to get the most out of your diamond carat

Certain cuts will actually make smaller carats look bigger. Elongated shapes such as the emerald or oval cut are a great choice as their elongated body gives the illusion of a larger ring. Another option is a ring featuring a halo. The ring of diamonds surrounding the central stone can often give a similar wow factor to that of a larger stone.

Alternatively, you could opt for a lab grown diamond engagement ring. Lab grown diamonds allow you to have a larger diamond for a much lower price than an earth mined diamond. What’s more, they have the exact same chemical composition as a natural diamond and are optically identical. Our bestselling oval lab grown Poppy solitaire is a perfect example of how beautiful a lab can be.

If you have seen a ring that has caught your eye or you are looking for a more bespoke design talk to our experts today. We would love to help craft the perfect ring for you.

Which diamond carat should you choose?

The easy answer: Whatever carat weight stands our most for you. Whether big or small your ring is a symbol of the connection shared with your partner and your future together, whichever you choose Browns has a wide range of diamonds to fit every style.

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