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How To Match Your Diamond Engagement Ring With Your Wedding Band.

How To Match Your Diamond Engagement Ring With Your Wedding Band.

When we look to the past and the traditions it held, the engagement ring marked the engagement period and would later be swapped out for the wedding ring after the big day. Nowadays it is much more common to see modern day brides opting to wear both rings.

And why shouldn’t they? Engagement rings are not only a big investment but a key symbol of a special moment in the couples’ lives. The engagement ring usually features a beautiful diamond or gemstone and was either chosen together or selected with love. The engagement ring is also where individuals will showcase their unique personality and style in the design, and that alone is enough reason for it to be on display at all occasions, thus the surge in popularity to wear both engagement and wedding rings together.

So how do you choose the perfect wedding ring to match your forever ring? We have compiled some things below to keep in mind during your search.
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Stick to the same metal

Everyone wants their ring to last a lifetime and look timeless. One thing to keep in mind when choosing your wedding ring is what metal your engagement ring is. Although this may seem like a small detail, different metals have different strengths and properties meaning they may not always work together. An example of this is if you were to pair a platinum and white gold band next to each other the strength of the platinum may mean you require your white gold ring rhodium coating more frequently.

If you are at the start of this journey and trying to decide on which metal to choose for your engagement and wedding ring, we have some blogs that may be able to help.

Leave space for the stones

When choosing the perfect wedding ring consider the look you wish to achieve. Some engagement rings have lower settings meaning that if you wish for a flush fit you may need to consider a shaped wedding band as this will hug the setting for a seamless fit offering a beautiful frame for your engagement ring. If you have a higher set band a straight band will have the best fit.

However, your wedding band should suit your style. You may love the look of a high set engagement ring and a wishbone wedding ring. The most important thing is the wedding ring is the perfect one for you.

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Contoured wedding bands

Contoured wedding bands will suit an engagement ring setting that isn’t very high and is designed to match the curvature of your engagement ring. This is done by shaping the front of the wedding band to follow the contour of your engagement stone so it sits perfectly against it.

The contoured wedding band design is very common for its elegance and natural look. Cuts that work well with a contoured wedding band include pear cut, and round cut stones as the ring will be exposed all around the stone and have its own moment to shine too.

Notched wedding bands

A notched wedding band will look like it was specifically created for your engagement ring. Its design is to look like a puzzle piece that has only one pair. It is completely straight at the front, apart from where there is a small notch so that your centre stone can fit snug in place. A notched wedding ring will look great with a multitude of cuts, including round cut, princess cut and cushion cut stones.

Wishbone wedding bands

A pointed wedding band is intended to leave a small space for the stone in your engagement ring. This means it doesn’t fit the shape of your engagement ring exactly like a contoured or notched ring, but leaves plenty of space for the stone. It is ideal for those who want a cohesive look, but still want some separation between both rings. For this reason, they work with all cuts, including emerald, marquise, and oval cut stones, and will highlight unique silhouette cuts brilliantly.

Keep consistent colours

Although there are no rules in creating your bridal set, keeping within a similar colour palette can help make your set look consistent and cohesive. One way to do this is by sticking to similar gemstone colours throughout. For example, choosing a white diamond as your engagement ring stone and pairing it with a white gold wedding ring will help amplify your diamond and showcase its sparkle. If you want even more glamour, add white encrusted diamonds to your wedding bands for ultimate sparkle.

Similarly, with coloured gemstones, keep them consistent with the engagement ring and wedding ring. So if you want your set to have a pop of colour, for example, opt for vibrant green emeralds, or red rubies on yellow gold settings, or perhaps pink sapphires on rose gold settings. The key is to keep things consistent to ensure your jewellery looks well thought-out and part of a set.

Opt for a similar style

Another great way to keep your bridal set cohesive is by opting for similar styles with both rings. For example, if your engagement ring is vintage inspired, like an oval cut diamond, choosing a traditional style wedding band will help keep your rings within your intended theme. In this case, choosing a plain rose-gold wedding band will help your set look antique and vintage. Or, if your engagement ring is a modern showpiece, a contemporary matching band will be best. For example, a white gold engagement ring with a yellow emerald cut diamond, would look perfect paired with a white gold, diamond encrusted half eternity band.

Or, if you like tradition and minimalism, a yellow gold engagement ring with an oval cut white diamond, paired with a simple, classic yellow gold wedding band, will last you a lifetime of happiness. It is easier if first, you know exactly what you’re looking for in your engagement ring, then letting your wedding ring follow suit so that both look like the perfect pair. If you’re still uncertain about how to pair your diamond engagement ring with your wedding band, you can get in touch with our expert team of advisors to help you through any questions, queries, or advice you may need.

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