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Should Couples Pick Out Engagement Rings Together?

Should Couples Pick Out Engagement Rings Together?

So, should you ask your partner to help? Well, traditionally, proposals have been kept a surprise, which means shopping for an engagement ring is usually done by just one partner. However, in more recent times, we are finding that couples are having more open and honest conversations around the topic of marriage, allowing rings to be looked at and chosen together.

But before having the conversation with your partner, it’s important to consider how the process might change once you do, and whether this fits with the way you have always imagined your proposal to go.

Remember, there can still be an element of surprise if the ring is chosen as a couple. At Browns we understand that this special moment looks different for everyone. We can arrange a dispatch date that works for you so your partner does not know when the ring will arrive, leaving you the perfect opportunity to pop the question when ready!

The benefits of choosing an engagement ring together

As it turns out, more and more couples are taking the opportunity to make this milestone moment a loving and bonding experience by both contributing to the final choice. In fact, a recent survey undertaken by the Natural Diamond Council showed that 63% of the 2,000 couples interviewed had picked out the special piece of jewellery together.

Choosing an engagement ring together can often take out a lot of the stress of picking a design as couples can openly discuss style, budget, size, and more, without one having to give the other subtle hints. It also gives couples a chance to bond over a special moment and even come together to design a sentimental piece of jewellery that both can look back on fondly.

If designing your dream ring together sounds like the perfect next step in your adventure, check out our bespoke design option.

Another great benefit of choosing a ring together is that it is more likely to be the perfect fit. Finding the right ring size is often one of the biggest challenges with engagement rings, so being able to try designs on for size before purchasing eliminates any need to return or resize a ring after a proposal. This way, couples can enjoy their engagement right from the second the question is popped, and not to mention how perfect those Instagram photos will look!  

Should you let your partner take the reins?

Letting one person choose for the other is a long-standing tradition and one that many look forward to being part of. For many brides, the element of surprise adds to the romance of the proposal, knowing that their partner has whole-heartedly chosen a piece of jewellery for them that they believe is a reflection of their style and personality. And for the groom, this is also a special, intimate moment and a chance to showcase how well they know their partner, as they get to explain significant details of their design and style choices. 

Not sure where to start with finding the perfect style? Our team of experts can help find the perfect piece for you.

Choosing together vs choosing alone

As it stands, there are many great advantages to letting your partner choose your engagement ring, and choosing together, but let’s compare some of the pros against the cons to both in more detail:  

Choosing together
Choosing for your partner
Incorporate both ideas into one design You get to surprise your partner
Bonding experience that can bring you closer together Sole control over design
Takes the pressure off one person Sole control over the budget
Can openly discuss the budget Part of the marriage tradition
Can ensure the ring size fits your partner  
Final decision may take longer to make if there are contradicting styles and opinions Can be stressful if you’re not sure what your partner will like
Takes out the traditional element of surprise Potential of your partner not liking it
  Ring size may not be the right fit for your partner


Hopefully by now you’ve gotten a better idea of whether choosing an engagement ring together is the right decision for you. As you can see, both shopping alone and together offers their own advantages and disadvantages, and which way is right for you and your partner relies solely on your own personal preferences.
Communicating is always advised as it helps you understand what the other needs and wants. If both want to incorporate design elements and prefer to share the experience of choosing, then picking a ring together will be a great experience. However, if you and your partner are more traditional in your wedding rituals, and prefer to be surprised, then choosing alone is definitely better suited to you.

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