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The Draw Of A Pre-Owned Rolex Watch

The Draw Of A Pre-Owned Rolex Watch

Founded in 1905, the Swiss watchmaker has enjoyed decades of world-renowned status, recognised for its craftsmanship, quality and mark of prestige in all corners of the globe. In fact, for years, Rolex has remained at the top of popularity lists for luxury brands, often outperforming other reputable houses in fashion, timekeeping, jewellery and more.

Therefore, the Rolex watch market has never been so abundant, with many customers having to join waiting lists in the bid to find the perfect watch. Fortunately, the brand’s quality craftsmanship and limited new supply have created a favourable second-hand market, whereby perfectly maintained pre-owned watches are more accessible and available at a fraction of the retail price of new models.

But that’s not all. There are many other factors that add to the draw of a pre-owned Rolex watch…

The Advantages of buying a Pre-owned Rolex

Firstly, and probably the best news of all, is that if you do decide on buying a pre-owned Rolex watch, you essentially can do no wrong (a bold statement indeed)! This is because there are a number of advantages to buying pre-owned rather than brand new.


The price is often one of the biggest selling points of a pre-owned Rolex watch. Often, you can find second-hand Rolex watches in pristine condition and that are only a few years old for a fraction of the cost of buying brand new.

Furthermore, Rolex will always be a brand that is in demand, making a timepiece from the Swiss watchmaker a lucrative investment. Buying a pre-owned Rolex watch in great condition will not only allow you to make a significant initial saving, but if you maintain and care for your watch you can remain reassured of its resale value, too. Although, due to the quality and craftsmanship that goes into every model, it is likely your Rolex watch can remain in your collection for many years, or even be passed down through generations, which will soon make any investment costs seem worthwhile.


One of the biggest hurdles many customers face when searching for a brand new Rolex watch is the long delay that awaits them. Rolex is known for its limited availability of new models, which is just one of the reasons they are so valuable and sought after. Therefore, for popular models, such as Datejusts and Submariners it can take months, or even years to reach the front of waiting lists.

However, when buying pre-owned, you’ll face a much simpler process. Most pre-owned Rolex watches are immediately available, and can even be with you the very next day if you wish.

Buying pre-owned also allows you to scout models that have been taken out of production and have become increasingly rare, only to be found through the second-hand market!

Financing Your Pre-owned Rolex Watch

Although in most cases, a pre-owned Rolex comes at a lower cost than a brand new model, they still require a significant upfront investment due to their quality, craftsmanship and prestige. Therefore, many of our customers ask the question of whether it is worth using finance on a pre-owned Rolex watch purchase. Our answer would be absolutely!

If buying a Rolex watch has been a dream of yours for years yet feels rather inaccessible because of the hefty upfront price tag, then financing this special purchase is a great idea. With the smaller monthly payments, these prestigious watches become much more attainable, enabling you to own the watch of your dreams without breaking the bank.

The good news is that whilst paying off your watch month by month, in some instances, the resale value may even be appreciating, particularly for rare or collectable models.


Another benefit of buying pre-owned rather than brand new is the vast amount of choice you’ll have. For instance, the pre-owned Rolex watch collection at Browns features a variety of models from some of the brand’s most popular families, including Datejust, Submariner, Oyster Perpetual, Explorer II, Air-King and more. You can find watches from different years and eras, crafted from all sorts of metals and showcasing a range of complications and functions. The choice is simply a matter of personal preference.

Some of the top models of pre-owned Rolex watches include:

Rolex Datejust

Rolex Datejust watches are some of the most popular from the brand. These watches showcase the coveted date window, which has become synonymous with the luxury watchmaker’s timepieces.

The ‘Cyclops’ lens over the date window is something unique to Rolex. It allows for a clear and magnified view of the date with unrivalled quality. This small detail is just one of the reasons these watches are so desirable, as buyers know every inch of their timepiece has been carefully considered and expertly designed.

Rolex Submariner

Since 1953, the Rolex Submariner has set a new standard for luxury dive watches. These models are some of the most recognisable in the Rolex catalogue, featuring many of the iconic cues of the Swiss watch brand. For instance, the standout hour hand, which has been coined the “Mercedes hand’, due to its likeness to the logo of the car manufacturer, is an instant indicator of a Rolex. The purpose of this feature, however, is much more than an aesthetic design, but instead, a vital inclusion that aids legibility in even the toughest of conditions, making the Submariner both a stylish and functional timepiece.

Rolex Air-King

Sleek and stylish is the best way to describe the design of Rolex Air-King watches. These timepieces combine modern minimal style with iconic Rolex craftsmanship to create the ultimate luxury watch. But not only do Air-King watches look the part, they also enjoy a longstanding connection to the world of aviation, in which they have provided pilots with a vital piece of kit for decades. But for both professionals and general lovers of luxury, the Air-King provides an incredibly functional and undeniably stylish wrist accessory that can be worn for all kinds of occasions.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual

For a watch that is bold and brilliant, there is no better choice than the Rolex Oyster Perpetual. These watches are available in a variety of styles, including models with bright dial colours, and with a range of complications. For instance, certain Oyster Perpetual models showcase additional functionality with a date window, making them the ideal accessory for all occasions. Alternatively, models with a simple, minimal watch face allow the iconic sports watch to be worn to even the most formal of events. The draw of this specific watch is the unrivalled quality that comes in the fine materials and craftsmanship of each model.

Why Buy from Browns?

With there being a lot of choice when searching for your perfect Rolex, it is key to consider where you are buying your watch from, too. Authenticity is paramount with there being so many Rolex counterfeits around. To avoid falling victim to any fraudulent activity, we always recommend that you buy from a reputable jeweller that provides documentation with their pre-owned Rolexes. This way you can rest assured that your new watch is the real deal without having to worry.

With over 30 years of experience in the jewellery and watch industry, our watch experts have carefully hand-selected and curated our pre-loved timepiece collection, ensuring each model comes complete with a presentation box, its official papers, a 2-year Browns warranty and a full valet and service.

Now is it time you take the plunge for a Submariner? Whether you are thinking about buying a pre-owned Rolex for yourself, or as a gift for a loved one, we’re here to help guide you on your way. Get in touch, or visit us in-store today.

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