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What Is The Best Cut For Diamond Engagement Rings?

What Is The Best Cut For Diamond Engagement Rings?

The cut of your engagement ring is just as important as the design and gemstone you choose as it influences how your diamond will radiate its sparkle, and also ensures you get the desired look from your overall design.

However, there is no one ‘best’ cut to choose as each style will suit different preferences and needs and all have their own unique characteristics. Each diamond cut will influence your ring in a different way.

What Does Diamond Cut Mean?

Firstly, ‘cut’ refers to your diamond’s quality and shape. The quality will be down to the craftsperson who cuts your diamond’s facets and this will determine how much your diamond sparkles and how fiery it is. Shape refers to the overall geometrics of your diamond, whether it be round, oval, rectangular etc.

There are an array of cuts to choose from so you may feel slightly overwhelmed when you’re first faced with all the jargon, but this blog post will help make everything much easier to digest so you know exactly what to look for when searching for your perfect ring.

Which Diamond Cut Sparkles The Most?

Some diamonds sparkle more than others and so certain cuts will help your diamond play with light and sparkle the best. The ‘sparkle’ refers to the light performance of your diamond and includes factors such as reflection, refraction and dispersion. The better these factors in your diamond, the more sparkle, or brilliance, it will showcase at different angles. This is where the round brilliant cut shines.

The round brilliant cut is synonymous with elegance, beauty and tradition as well as being the sparkliest of diamond cuts. The round cut’s popularity lies in its perfect circular shape which creates exceptional shine. Over 75% of the engagement rings sold feature a round cut diamond as it comes in many sizes to fit your chosen stone. It is also a great choice for all hand sizes and shapes, guaranteed to look proportionate on the finger, making a great ring cut for a multitude of brides.

Most Fiery Diamond Cut

The main difference between diamond fire and diamond brilliance is the colours the diamond emits. Brilliance focuses on the white light a diamond radiates, whereas diamond fire refers to the phenomenon of colour flashes emitted under lights, more technically known as light dispersion. This is a result of the diamond facets that are able to break white light into separate light spectrum colours. Therefore, the fire refers to the captivating rainbow-coloured sparks a diamond creates when it hits the light.

Most diamonds will display fire, but some will do so better than others. As well as being the sparkliest of diamond cuts, the round brilliant also exhibits supreme fire due to its high percentage of light reflection. However, other cuts are also well known for their fire such as the cushion cut. A cushion cut diamond will offer exceptional value for money without compromising on quality, making it a vastly popular choice among brides-to-be. It is a great authentic antique-style choice and one synonymous with opulence and glamour. Its large 58 diamond facets help emit an abundance of fire and more subtle brilliance than the round brilliant cut.

Which Diamond Cut Looks The Biggest?

When buying a diamond it can be hard to choose between size and budget and compromising isn’t something you should have to do. So, opting for a cut that will make your diamond look even larger and can give you both the size and price tag you want. Each different cut will give your diamond a slightly different depth and size and so focusing on these factors will give you the size you want without having to pay for a larger diamond.

Elongated shapes such as the oval and marquise can look bigger than the same carat in a round cut. Why? It’s because the visual trick of elongated shapes exaggerates the depth of the diamond. It also helps that most people will see a long shaped object and believe it is bigger than a symmetrical square or circular shaped object.

So, if you are considering prioritising your budget over the diamond size, choosing an oval or marquise cut can help give your diamond the size you’re trying to achieve.

Vintage Diamond Cuts

Vintage diamond cuts are a great way to achieve an antique or old diamond engagement ring aesthetic. True antique rings are notoriously fragile and delicate for everyday wear. Art deco inspired rings are hugely popular and will certainly set you apart from the crowd.

Cuts such as emerald and asscher feature heavily in vintage diamond rings, so are among the popular styles that many vintage-lovers go for. These cuts take inspiration from the 1920s and are guaranteed to make a timeless statement when placed on the finger. This era was synonymous with contrasting colours and geometric shapes, so these cuts feature sharp edges and clean lines to differentiate themselves from eras before them and when worn today, are distinct features of rings of the past.

Which Is The Best Diamond Cut?

As mentioned earlier, there is no one ‘best’ cut for a diamond engagement ring. Each has its own special and magical properties that make it perfect for each individual wearer. With an array of cuts to choose from, you’re bound to find the perfect ring for an ‘I do’ moment.

Our engagement ring experts are always on hand to assist with your purchase, should you require any help along the way. We can offer personalised advice to ensure you or your partner gets the best ring according to your preferences.

Browse our complete collection online, or visit us in-store today. Alternatively, you can arrange a virtual appointment, where our engagement ring specialist will be able to answer any queries or questions, and guide you through the process of finding your dream diamond engagement ring.

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